Mother's day poems
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Poems / Mother's day poems

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I opened maltuviti, Here is a mother's day easy. Malejiņa ta daughter, Vainaciņš dingy.
Happy mother dear please, give me arajiņu John, John, steers, cows, John, John, sorrel kumeliņi; When the day came John, John, all chanted.
Light, light, bāleniņ, saddle your kumeliņu! Short days, long track, mother-daughter would not be useful.
Horse man is taking a day for the night; Līgaviņa, mother-daughter sitting in a warm room.
Necīkstate,'s door, I think long nevirašu: come and get another first day of the valve stem of another daughter.
I am Your Mother
Making Magonīšu place;
Magonīšu site are delivered
Rose deck paladziņu
Mamma, great minds
Thank you earned the name,
At that time, a nice-dieniņā
Life gave me.
Daddy, daddy look mother cheeks bloom! Daddy, daddy look at my mother\'s eyes bloom!
Daddy, daddy look mother hands bloom!
Dads, dads really want for mother always
And often forgetting themselves,
You have all emerged to give us
That the power of you, Mother, has given
We will remain the eternal question!
Your hands caress the wind,
Your hands carry the sun,
Not good for your hands
Warmer in the world.
Oh, Mother, something for you
So busy I would be able to run,
When your solīši ever
Will start up slower gurdāki go.
Mamma, today your day!
With the warmth of the nine,
I now greet you again,
I want you enough for
Good, nice days of life.
Also, in my heart you have,
Mother, love you more!
Māmulīt receive either again this day,
Great and nice, so one year,
Get flowers that you\'re making,
Come with greetings such as we are.
The sweetheart,
What do you, mamma, laughing eyes,
To you today, all the flowers,
That grow in gardens, meadows, down,
Still present in my heart
And yet sweet buciņš!
Oh, Mamma, ciksimtiem solīšu
You days, nights and even ran
By me, a naughty,
So much was raised! Garīgās izaugsmes forums

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