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Heroes\' Remembrance Day
Remembrance Day
worker on the street
invited the tavern
Evening all
and night - until the morning
with daughters
sailors coarse
and the tramps

the fallen
as being wives,
and children.

with bitterness
sharp as was she votes
and sang a song
about yourself
and lost their lives.
leave the city. . .
Leave the city on Saturday in black,
Leave, where the lonely and unfamiliar area,
Wherever the grass grows soft as palm,
Around a lake niedrains and unfamiliar.

Lie down and look to the room,
Where have the horizon in the town sparkles.
Gummy breathe the air and sky,
While starting to smell your lips i, i heart.

Noaujot legs, the legs to return to
Roots and sand, which tastes and KAIST.
Pain and suffering
Across the clouds over his head and placed.
But the market gate. . .
But the market gate and a heavy heart
A beggar squatting. Rotting and stinky rags.
Squatting on the road. And saddened by the death and adversity,
This palm penny smirk languish.

When passed by a rich, Mr
He is less trouble and more strongly kunkst,
Once a proud lady glides past,
present it to her skirt fall.
Citizens honest Latvian. . .
Citizens, honest Latvian citizens, listen:
do not go into the cinema anymore, do not go into theaters,
where you show only superficially translated the play -
do not go,
better to listen to a strange story about the suburbs won.
Outskirts win. Did you already hear her steps dimdošos
there, the other side of the Daugava bridges at night, when you\'re sleeping?
Outskirts win!
Freedom Avenue
The shining brown granite base
where until recently
rode the bronze Peter the Great,
stand shoulder goat
Clock low below the neck
and eat the leaves of lime trees trimmed boulevards.
The corners of streets,
where the policeman was standing in the past,
Sequin, a new tin bath in milk.
Anyone who wants to,
pitch nodzerties milk for free.

Cows, genuine brown, sweaty cows
the smell of manure.
All cars will jāsabāž garage pocket
Ormanu horses izjūgs the corners
and let go the dogs.
The boys break the thicker glass
with slings.
And then she would come - outskirts.
Rooms will take under his arm.
Panes, we will be on his shoulders.
Slurry us will come along clothes,
brine shall distil upon the earth.
Hair on the head we hang apple orchards.
When midnight prowl. . .
When midnight wander behind the dark windows out
As a wolf, that peace can not find a nest,
Or tavern, or an elegant crowd

When I\'m leaving pink evening
On the outskirts, where long novel I,
I eagerly look brown tree branches
As in the past when there was a boy.

And wonder -
Gently along the edge of the board room glaužas
And just as the cast are smoking cigarette.
Behind the fences smells germinated oats
And expect that they will panicle,
With which to call pink sunset times,
As the sugar melts into a glass blue cloud.
. . .
I do not know, or red in the sunset moments
When the air out of the mist goes white as snow,
As in the past rafters capture dzīšos
Heart and happiness will be the night\'s sleep.

I clearly feel - I\'ve grown older.
Everything became distant, which I used to be expensive.
I too often melancholy sits on the shoulder
And, sitting at the bar, like the weak motive.
. . .
I left the bridge at the edge
And guard with a ticket in hand,
At the bridge I leave the subsidiary,
What warmed himself steamer sends.

I rushed forward like a car.
Wind curls as a slap in my face.
Spulgoja and water under your feet
As the fur seal and varnished boot.

Axis I anxiety grates heart
As asphalt laužamais rod
Since I love you like a street,
As a shelter for the night prowler.
Receive my greetings. . . Get my greetings to you Catkin that pigeons face: Joint lifetime to do it to the rose bush is growing. Pain and work to further unite the soul to you and says, Happiness forces you to find the course to the circuit to go!
heart, I own. . .
I made my heart
you gave all
and received in return only a void.

Oh, what year is already surrounded by the wave of the void deck.
May a smile which never nepārslīd over.
I\'m terribly lamājies and fought,
Your emptiness gūlusies lava over my head
That veldzinošs patch.
Linden dark. Pages of silent winds
Strange feelings of fatigue down the hall,
And once again today Could not
Come here, as was agreed.

Why bet with a smile and say quietly,
That you may come when the sun set,
If you know that the other party
You have the will at the same time go?

Time as you thought it and felt
I mokos, waiting for you in one,
While the night wind over the land, be sent
Disappears in the dark road of white milk.

How do I know, maybe it\'s also good
That there sitting sad and lonely, -
My friends now - traffic poles,
Night and silence, marvelous calm.

Linden dark. Pages of silent winds
Strange feelings of fatigue down the hall,
And once again today Could not
Come here, as was agreed.
skirts up roads
I raised my eyes to the
But his
sat opposite
So Cold
Tram and brass railings
twenty degrees on the island.
Tonight I will dream
for all that higher than the towers.

Square on the bench -
on the bench, where the streetcar rumbling past,
or feel the smell of the meadows
wonderfully soft power and the rain?
Securely holds the birches in the sky blue
stands as a white nightgown.
Jasmini smells.
Cows sighs barn.
Small sheds in the salary
there could sink into the wall,
skūpstošā wall.

Tonight I will dream
such a dream
and forget that I need money,
the soles leaky
and tomorrow
find a job.
Maybe it was once the heart I remain alone,
Street tinnitus slowly rims
When the life of my hands folded
Eyelids and under eye dark makeup.

Gutter like still water will flow,
Will be under the feet of asphalt, hard and slimy,
So I burned a coffin light the candles,
Overstock will become cool ice cream.

Linden thrives just have all the streets
Car will be called and calling trams go,
So of life, glorious and great,
I will be for life differed.

And never, never smiling softly,
Coming to her back,
When the cobbles, a new sun waiting
In all the streets of snow striking.

Full of stars, indifferent space
To light the examining i one
Where all the pain go away the breath,
Where there is no longer knows how to smell of hay.
Away from people gļēviskām long
Go to the meadows at the flowers and bent
Bubbles listen VIZBUĻI
Oh, now do not require life out of you,
Do you think the rich and soul.
Not being able to walk once daily routes,
Will be out of all the vagabond tarnish.

Insanity is as deep as the thirst for a friend.
Much greater when the Rus in your soul,
Nonīkst to friends as puppies kusliem,
Nonīkst the forgotten and overgrown ravine.

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