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Poems / Shyness

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Shyness - it is a simultaneous desire to please and fear of
[ Shyness ]
hard to overcome shyness, it was because it was made of
nature and patmīlas.
[ Shyness ]
Shyness - virtue, kaunīgums - vice.
[ Shyness ]
False modesty is as vile as vanity.
[ Shyness ]
artful modesty - the very smallest trick of vanity.
[ Shyness ]
better guest shy than proud to be Mr.
Better to leave foot court over a span dun.
[ Shyness ]
Truth has as little modesty as light.
[ Shyness ]
stupid they do not shy, though shyness gets all
nonsense ways.
[ Shyness ]
timid people suffering provide the suspense, a view
for they are the result of just such a perception is clear
manifested itself - whatever it may be, - suffering ceases.
[ Shyness ]
Shyness can be defined as the fear of blame, shame -
the belief that it is inevitable.
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