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Poems / Christianity

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is possible that the Bible speaks the truth, but can not say that
the whole truth and only truth.
If somebody would ask: what we feel and what worship? -
The answer ready: we honor love. . . . . Then why do
We - love godātāji - we are so intolerant and self
hate? Why do not we - the world godātāji - are so
oppressive, incompatible and warriors? Why do not we - the
stone laid in - svārstāmies, provided the cornerstone -
šķeļamies, live light aicinātie - sink into the dark?
Where ends health, where the money ends, there
where the ends of human common sense - there everywhere begin
True Christianity is the best religion for lost
term \"Christianity\" has arisen due to a misunderstanding, after
nature has been only one Christian, and it is
died on the cross. Kristīgums - manifested only through
practical behavior of life, similar to a living
founder of Christianity believed that people not from the
another does not suffer as much as from their sins: they were his
fallacy, the fallacy of self-aware of the sinless, who
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