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Poems / Name day poems

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Morning when naughty and nice, some guests will come today! Will bring you a stiff rose, and even kiss for free!
Everybody is having fun,
Between trees is the sun,
You can't run,
When you have other things to done!
May road go between the roses,
Nightingale sings a song,
Days control in one way,
So have a happy Name Day!
All the flowers in the garden today, you congratulate the regiment to go. Most beautiful song you've got one rooster with the hens sing!
Throw away now worries that he had to sparkles Yes, joy! To add songs to flow from the lips of friends And till the morning Not come sleep!
The calendar is very chatty news herald a new rush, so today, this very day, welcomes you to name the day ....
Did you know that your calendar, the most beautiful word? Would not hold your name, the calendar would be lost glory!
When only miķelīši, vests in bright, To the naked garden winds up running, then celebrate your name day pošas friends from all over, as ever.
Your name, warmth, trust, opening horizons and pleasure. Well, that irradiation of him also to us by pollen!
Uguntina red, white spark your name warms, frosty winds let loose!
Your name nepiedien autumn day, In the old grass fire through the rain švirksti. Your language and laughter lighters each hopelessness brilliant sparkle. Your name nepiedien autumn day, In the soul, with the sun fingers, gray day bright silver rose iesiesi ever.
Joy came along the heavenly path, and brought a lot of heat. I know this vernal eyelet - The .. (name) called the people!
Hearty greeting is no longer fashionable sold it to shop flea Now there is a new fashion-you sweet kiss from me!
Towards the light flower opens, half the birds on light interference, Towards the light and you long for calls and call. There's a friendly peace will come to meet you!
Are each given their own scent Another day, another fresh wall But everyone has given this word is to be congratulated for this honor! Garīgās izaugsmes forums

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Page : 2
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