Poems by Imants Ziedonis
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Poems / Poems by Imants Ziedonis

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When cranes are going away again.

When the cranes go away again,
They are waiting for us to look more
And does not expect. Where is he from -
Between us, this silent rebuke.

A white bird flying up the sky
And falls, and everything, and the dead
And remain in the mouth aizslēgtajā
This criticism, which will keep.

We drank each other when we thirsty,
But now the white flower is requested:
You, please, sparing me the pain! -
Why, you\'ve got me jāapzūdz?

Or pages can be blamed page?
And that may be accused of flowers bloom?
But my head as to the tomb,
What a strange gravity put down.

And when you come across a white ash
I do not force you to go off.
Which kind of hard black flowers
To your heart, my blossom!
I am myself.

I am a mountain ash.
Around my fire clusters
The world\'s controversial idea of ​​starlings
Making out in swarms.
Why do you want
Ply oak acorns in my hands?

I am a potato flower.
Why do you expect from me
Carnation and rose-breath?
Why did you wait
So I\'m not who I am?

My, how you say, puerile view -
This is me most.
My first sirmais
And last sirmais hair -
They are indelible, thirst,
It is an enduring soul hunger
Speed ​​and pleasure
And stop the pain -
This is me most.

At your feet I am not come down,
Through your love I\'m not risen -
What do you want from me?

Butterflies do not care earthquake. Butterflies pity flowers
earthquake, earthquake comforts bees.

In leaking out of the cells of honey earthquake. In pouring
bees from the feet and the sand disappears pollen earthquake.
Butterflies comforts ending earthquake. In a few roots
the interrupted call the earthquake.

Butterflies are taught to keep the air quake. Butterflies
atskrien and pass the pig out of the bag earthquake. Not
than scary, there is nothing so scary earthquake that
jātrīc the same, so that the same start quake earthquake.

Funny though, that only butterflies we can help the
ground begins to tremble.
world\'s most beautiful berries

The world\'s most beautiful berries
Complete this fall rowan twigs.
The world\'s most beautiful berries
Eat crow and starling flocks.

The world\'s most beautiful berries
The sole ground that they are bitter,
Severe, red trusses
Swinging unplucked.

I have only one heart itself,
One bottle of wine rowan,
And how little it can fill,
This is what we all know.

I have only one heart itself,
But but you also have hearts!
Then tear off all rowanberries
And they all winter you will hear.

But when a quiet evening cicada sings,
Pass the moon red horns.
Mountain ash and red blossoms at midnight,
Heavy clusters of berries.

The most beautiful fruits in the world,
Fall asleep at night I have.
And the first snow and tears pouring,
As red tears in the snow.

And if by some pavārtē
After iniquities stink,
Call: I only have one heart!
Call and you will hear.

I made my head on the needles unnecessary.
Padzero and I know:
- They can not get it.

They can not be empty.
They are so clear and clean. . .
They are clouds in July
And melted snow men.

Something from the hail fall
And May frosts.
I say thank you fir trees.
I say thank you to the mountain.

I say thank you to the ground,
What you gave me.
You are the source of -
And you can not drink.

I\'ll be strong,
When my steps through the happiness and misery go.
And if it\'s all a dream,
So - better to neatmostamies.
new miracle appeared

of my own;
new wonder - he
was my breath.

He took from me
only one side
and took no other
that piegurusi.

And again from this side
only one gram -
degdamu the time,

And from the gram
only one point:
Shine, shine when you clean
and just shine.

This o\'clock this moment
undermine the city;
o\'clock it for the people
War slaughter,

but it was the moment -

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