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middle of a desert building contractor builders are turning to teams:
- Friends! Today we start a new subject. Remember: building a snug, no mess, no theft of materials, in good conscience, so that we build ourselves!
[ Jokes ]
- a grandmother, I again dreamed of flying. . .
- I am not a grandmother, I am narcologist
[ Jokes ]
Three sentenced to death may opt-rope, ball or electric chair.
First: - Rope hate, afraid of the electric chair, it remains a sphere.
Second: - The rope scared, hideous ball, it remains the electric chair.
At the decisive moment of failure of the electric chair. Convicts released free. Aiziedams he has time to buzz the third, that the electric chair failed.
Third: - The rope means a slow death by electric chair breaks down, it remains a sphere.
[ Jokes ]
Shah should not play alone, but septiņpadsmitatā, so that is also free of internal conflict and struggle.
[ Jokes ]
Christian punishment for theft. He says:
- A judge, forgive me. I did not do that, but my sinful flesh.
The judge says:
- I will certainly forgive, but of sinful flesh and have a couple of years jāpasēž. . .
[ Jokes ]
During class hours by calling Jānītis head bandaged. Annoyed the teacher asks:
- Well, what happened this time?
- I fell from the fifth floor.
- And what, Whole Flew for two hours?
[ Jokes ]
- Give me a kilo of milk.
- We do not sell milk to kilograms.
- Then I would like, half a meter.
[ Jokes ]
old man asking a friend:
- What do you like more? Five thousand lats or five daughters?
- The five daughters.
- Why?
- Because I already have their eight.
[ Jokes ]
pits new provisions will apply.
First Jaizspilda will be a penalty kick for violations.
Second Opponents will be able to reject the rudeness
[ Jokes ]
girl on the phone says to his servant:
- Meet at seven in the evening where ever. And if any of us miss. . .
The guy stops:
- Then I will wait!
[ Jokes ]
- Mom, what is paranoia?
- You do not realize that I do not know, ask to for me paņirgātos?
[ Jokes ]
- What is a psychiatrist?
- A man who, despite all his life ģībis, seeing the blood, the mother of joy become a doctor.
[ Jokes ]
meet two friends:
- Just got tired, I class!
- You what, stupid? You just married two weeks ago.
- Whether šķiršos. He treated me treated like a dog!
- How, as a dog? You now have a flat, car, caravan and money. Finally left you stupid?
- I tell you, he treats me like a dog. He requested. . . confidence.
[ Jokes ]
- Dear, I have you buying the carpet?
- It\'s too expensive! Will only fly on brooms!
[ Jokes ]
After obtaining environmentally friendly fuels our scientists have managed to create eternal engine.
Of the total of ordinary engine is distinguished by the fact that this lack of function buttons with the \"Stop\".
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