Poems by Imants Ziedonis
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Poems / Poems by Imants Ziedonis

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nedzīvojiet Without love,
Without love, everything is small!
Without love, smoke ovens
And cutting our bread slicer axis.

And a chip with an ax,
With a blunt ax day MES
And a strange devil apnicības
On the bright gardīnstangām seated.

And if the devil can not understand
Why do flowers bloom on the window,
Why need to get up in the morning
And why the need to go to sleep.

Without love nedzīvojiet,
Because it is not that take and not give in!
And the one you drink from their cups,
One of his bread encoding tool,

One go and smiles to himself,
One of my concerns with the furrows. . .
How many people live in it,
And it turns out - and it can be.

May have. . .
Worst of all is when the other hurts

Worst of all is when the other hurts
It goes all the hell can endure.
Worst of all is when the other hurts
And when he looks into your eyes
And dumb silent, and does not ask nothing
For pain severity is divided
Worst of all is when the other hurts
And you do not know how to help.
not roll twice

Twice the love comes,
Love life is such a one,
Since the heavy lid of your coffin,
Since your birth date.

It is not love, which knows how to
For years and years to tease tear,
Love it like lightning come -
Come, an outbreak of white and killed.

Since we are going. Day dziest and weave.
Fire dart long krājies voltage.
Lightning! Your! And again it is not yours
Occurs next to your friend and walker.

One after another burn up smiling
Blue lightning strike and fruitcakes.
Let\'s go on! Let\'s go to pending,
Lightning targets missed are recorded, nenospertie
Song of joy

And if ever stigmatized
And I get hit and scold,
I sit down and the words
One song of joy.

To the delight of myself I write
For his own pleasure,
And from his song
The very glad I am.

On their own, to the delight of you
And folk to please.
If you want the others to sing.
For where shall I put it?

In not need much at all -
Once a total animal,
To write your way
Song of joy.

And if you too are somehow
Not find it unnecessary, -
You can also sing
This song of joy.
I want to get back, I want to. . .

Like blue smoke in the air is lost.
Because, look, how trees grow - as if flowing.
Because, look, as snow falls, without obtaining anything.

Nothing - not want to get, not to take it, nothing.
But only to a greater silence
Come away, go here. And stand farther.
And all have, without obtaining anything.
river at night screaming duck

Ducks in the river at night screaming.
and you also neiemiedz!
That\'s why it can not know why.

It may be that too much is taken,
may be that too little is allowed,
and maybe a little is also hurting.

Way out of the house quiet.
Shining star, and lying in mud,
and can clearly see the happiness money.

It\'s nothing, oh, it does so,
this is so in silence,
so from the sidelines pretending to cry.

Ducks in the river at night screaming.
and you also neiemiedz.
Everywhere some noise in a quiet and muffled.

It\'s nothing, oh, it does so,
this is so in silence ...
That\'s why it can not know why.
pure potato flavor -

Besides La Spezia and majonēzēm.
It is good that I am going aršus
And clean the lungs go sometimes.

Do - clean harrows or - something
The sun was lying bare feet.
How clean, clean winter crying
The sharp hexagonal flakes.
page does not move.

I will burn a candle tonight
and go, plug in the hands of distant meadows.
Maybe through some unknown leaking
I suddenly iestaigāšu in your thoughts.

You will see a meadow. And eternity.
Go a little boy. And converted to the old.
And light up somehow. It\'s you.
I jokingly call it as it is for a candle.

What are talking about love,
If the name is no longer already.
It is simply:\'\' I want him. \'\'
Not to speak of love.
When God takes the rib of Adam,
This act is already mechanized.
What to speak of love -
Its name is no longer the case.
strange remoteness of the quiet,

strange emptiness that sounds.
Remain behind hail,
will be behind me,
you stay, the wind remains in the stream,
smoke rising in the sky.
I have a strange taste:
I would love to just three.
You, who were, and came
you, who is standing next to either,
you by the heart and mind
looking for and which are not.

Remain behind hail,
melting snow behind me.
Weird. In the distance. Pacific.
As it still reads and reads.

Are lucky to find himself
And the work that loves and knows,
But how many more hours each day
As manure ārdām unwittingly.
And no I do not want to live on,
It will live in the back.
Sounding words paler, becoming paler. . .
And I do not want to live longer on.
But go somewhere quiet side,
Where the grain flour served basis. . .
As I do not want to live longer on,
But the will to live returned.
you coming to me now secondly lādzēm.
With shining eyes - and shining bracelets.

Former kastaņlaiks. They are slamming burst.
And suddenly it became a pity that life is so short.

So is the light allows you to see God,
when you walk past me and iemirdzies.

I complain. Life be laughter.
As far as the flashing. As in passing.
both sides

Put together
nesaliekamas things:

Šķūnelī together
the old wall
iemīdīt Article

Single chain
the doorbell
mounted on the death
and birth.

Not at all today,
not necessarily tomorrow:
both of these light
fall down on me

back. And here in me
when we meet,
show: the rest
no where to go -

on both sides
gold air forces -
and where to go: you yourself
\'re the only one.
I thee a present of Nesting

Far Vidzeme white birch.
There\'s my dream thrushes in winter.
I pray thee: spring
We will go both to look.

And if they will be cold
(And they will surely be cold:
There were already so I thrushes,
There were already thy thrush) -
And if they will be cold,
Return the cats!

But perhaps, in the spring
We will go both to inspect the
What is the cage. The devil they know
What if there is also your thrushes?
Maybe the winter is born
Strazdiņi small.
with tenderness towards you

With tenderness to you, I relate.
And all the other dies will.
Perhaps the cranberries stand frost
Do your due - as windmill hill?

I am the dish, below which the summoned spirit.
Maybe I can be Your Calendar
Where can one day - everything will go away when -
Year should always be repeated again?

Oh let me be present from a distance
And offend you when not to violate.
As the trunk, below the frost crystals branch -
It may be that it will meet with you I can?

The road back again, and somehow intentionally glib. . .
With gentleness I done to you.

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