Sagittarius / Horoscopes
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Sagittarius / Horoscopes

Sagittarius 23. November - 23 . Spunky , rapid search , the lack of tact, sense of nature coming to the end of autumn , blowing cooler power in the countryside , an intuitive awareness of the oncoming winter . Nature abhors a vacuum never anywhere , any transformation inside the cell brings in something new . Occurred laundry time . Turn their thoughts to the world in late life and deep reflection - spiritual things , although serious . Sagittarius born individuals are philosophically - recorded on the metaphysical , although not so methodical thinking, the Twins and the Virgin . not all are born in the constellation of thinkers and philosophers , but all of them were prone to . Sagittarius, the same as the name indicates , is for the hunter , a good hunter, but he sits on horseback , so the noble bruņiniecisks hunter noble . What if he has interest in the game - the animals , it would seem natural for him to have an understanding of them , indeed it has been observed , no one has so much psychological understanding of animals - particularly horses , dogs and Sagittarius born . Sagittarius original symbol was a centaur - puscilvēks , pusdzīvnieks with bow and arrow . Course of time, it is transformed , however, remained divided - as the highest and the lowest creature . The lower part of the individual even today can be very his animal appetites : rude, harsh , coarse facial features, unattractive appearance , and very often ( to put it mildly ) not always fair . The lowest type of very common among agricultural workers , smallholders who exaggerate their pride on the small property . Also, the so-called algotajās armies that are even now still exists . Very often encounter this type to be ready at every moment to swap his dress uniform , and rent his sword to the one who pays more . Sagittarius bottom worst type of feature is negodība . They're easy to obtain people's trust , but their own sense of loyalty and honor are with excessive tendency to negativity . the opposite is Sagittarius top type of honor within the meaning of . It is a knight in the strict sense of honor and his name should not be given any endorsement or signature . These folks like honesty , justice and truth , nature, animals, hunting , rural life , traveling distance, widely apvārkšņi , detailing the adventures , wisdom , greatness , perfection and luxury, impressiveness , heights and depths , the noble . But they are disgusted with everything unnatural pretense studied , imitated and forged ( copy) u0026 bdquo . into our hearts Sagittarius is convinced that the world is wonderfully decorated and success in life depend only on the . . Sagittarius both sides have a strong sense of justice , only its meaning for each and every unfairness , and at their own . Sagittarius types like sports, among them are often considerably athletes , but among them are the losers who in his excitement often suffer accidents and disasters . Sagittarius is a man tradition - with pronounced forms , ceremonies and decency . They even often gets his movements , especially in the upper type . On the edge of pretending that they pose , but basically, the rangers in a natural phenomenon . Cleverly put, Sagittarius is . That's because they're anything - even the truth can not keep silent , but to voice , even though it would create trouble for yourself in society , or anger his friends or peers . These properties make these people believe in the . When considering these folks would not have resent because they have not Liske or boaster is not only difficult to understand them at all , and can not be explained , that may be true to each his own, and that is true as a fine crystal bowl where u0026 Scaron . As labor leaders and chiefs , they are very fond , because they understand their subordinates . On the other hand these drivers do not have a hunch that a servant behind the . In spite of everything, Sagittarius type as the privacy of the work or in the community has been developing intuition . He is always lucky . Franco , Mary Stuart , the poet Rilke - escaped before Hitler came to power ) . These people own their success is not measured diezko high , but in life it settles comfortably . These people are highly affected by mysticism , and if this happens, they lose their expressed intuition and . In such cases, they lose the ability to distinguish between true ( mysticism ) from the surrogate and charlatanism . Tolerance is the people's best feature , just sometimes it is not enough of a critical and time again they do not distinguish the grain from the husk . According to Jung's theory of the philosopher , Sagittarius is called . Outward-looking type - because everything is already on the . STRĒLNIEKS - a woman has a wonderful girlfriend, timid , joyful , that . . she wants to leave it to some of the autonomy , independence . Coercion, molestation and the tyranny of his suffering , just as the men Constellations . These women are not to offend , they expressed feelings of pride and honor . They should not be out of place nag , especially if you want to get a true friendship or love . They are noble in their course and stage stars are visible between them ( Dorota Lamur ) . Appearance and beauty event, but they can not compete with some of the other women in the constellation of trying to replace her with his defiant posture and pride, which still gives the impression of artless . Infidelity - a throwback to these people is frequent companion . From old time hath in these types of blood wandering tendencies and few of which lived all his life on the spot . Usually they travel , not loving the movement, but . . They yearn for the distance, . . . ? STRĒLNIEKS get along very well with each other and live together . While speaking in their own tongue, the thought process brings together . They even m charmed enemy magnificence . Freedom is their nature - but not revolutionary freedom . They are through and through individuals , knights with a vagabond - the hunter's honor mind ( Beethoven , Churchill ) . Jupiter , the supreme Roman god, identical with the Greek Zeus - the god and goddess Rhea Kronsa son Sagittarius horoscope and 9 . home ruler . .

Sagittarius / Horoscopes

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