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Cancer / Horoscopes

June 22 - July . Spring time of the year . But we are concerned about the future, yet unknown , untested failures, and how willing we will return to childhood lightly - sit on a parent 's lap in safe , protected and cared for . Therefore, cancer is the human type ( cell) , which also has a childish feelings mixed with mother . He is sensitive , as a child, affective , and resentful at the same time , and then engulfs your shell - its secure castle where feelings paglābies . He often feel anxious , and how often completely unnecessary, and he often becomes hipohondriķi - . He is a good fellow does not believe that everything in life can run smoothly, but maybe where the dangers lie in wait . And precisely because of this danger is not visible, it makes him even tramīgāku . his own house , their own four walls , he can be a respite , relax and feel safe , cozy and . Your true life CANCER living in their own right , revealing a lot of it out . Cancer is the constellation of all births in the best type - friendly feel wealthy individuals, but also . He is well aware of the . But cancer is the fact that most of your surroundings can cheat , he has feelings and instinct in man, and with a flair in the future , should act . CANCER goodness often entrusted secrets , even quite alien to people sometimes . With her easy to get along, get along , just beware of their nerespektēt , and certainly not to interfere with his self-esteem should not hold a fool not cheat and ignore . cancer like his home - garden , streams , rivers , springs , lakes, streams and . He likes the family, a cozy life , cosiness . His free-field filling CANCER little paint , read a good novel, caring and respectful good manners are interested (even in detail ) about your neighbor , or associate of privacy and discuss it ( checked ) . cancer disgusted cold, brutality , violence, rudeness , challenging behavior , profanity , taunt . Misfortune to him that it is more concerned about . If either CANCER acting against conventional habits , then it's because of the emotional life , because they feel plays a crucial role in his life , and here CANCER is the only one which never lets his feelings . In the more developed his personality , the more cancer prone to self-perfection (not kind ) . CANCER normal to be filled with your family's nest care of your home decoration , which he himself has provided . Its surroundings , the place village , parish , state he is beautiful are where he gets the necessary member of administration staff . EW newspaper , above all, look at pictures, war and sports news , CANCER - Financial and economic life . CANCER first of all read the editorial , and then looks up the Art Department . peculiar , but still quite unexplored CANCER is prone to everything having to do with the fluid in every way . Millenial astrology teaches that cancer feeds Phase impression respective spheres . Science detailed knows what Moon impact on water - oceans ebb and flow , but still very few people know who Moon effects on the human body , which is composed of 72 % water . Therefore, we can say that CANCER do about all that liquid reaches the oddest borders ! . l . , Even CANCER woman in this case is no exception . She is always a tendency to engage in , or about anything liquid , flowing . CANCER There are two types of quite different from each other : one is elegant , often endowed . In this type of more or less expressed his personal roundness . Second - fuzzy, harsh , so-called leaked mēnessģīmis , with a short blunt nose , often pale face and swollen as you look . Popularly called the krodzenieka prototype, because he often takes on favorite liquid . Cancer is the mood of a person , so bad at times he can be a very . That's because he , more than any other depends on the environment and the surrounding area - resp . the . Neighborhood, which he does not like , he was suffering , although there remain seated , while at the same time would have stood, EW and gone , Gemini worry about the situation , but the intention VĒRSIS something just kept unusual . CANCER lot of dreams and dreams pays great importance , because in essence he believes and trusts . Therefore, he often focuses on occult sciences and parapsychology . However, it is cancer should refrain from these studies because it is easily effected and a lot of funky , so the lack of such an objective evaluation of training and experience lived . cancer is very advanced parental love for the house, or even against their own country , which often affects their whole . History knows several vivid examples of sons - cancer, born and grown up in exile , returnees . CANCER is a great patriot , as a spy, he works most of the native side . CANCER women are lovely , kind-hearted , with a genuine love of a mother . They are pabailīgas and a bit pessimistic , but always delicate , and blind loyalty to their family . Also CANCER woman dreams and has a premonition that is not always true . If someone intends CANCER girl for a wife , then a timely buy a house by the water , because for her it is absolutely necessary . Both CANCER individuals traveling frequently , and understandably , just over the water . . However, the cancer requires a certain port to return , otherwise he can not feel calm and happy . No woman does not transfer to their children and family as VĒZENE . Following the philosophy . . Jung , cancer is t . s . . External disturbances, shooting himself, and because of psychological stress - is the most striking symptoms of crayfish spiritual emergencies . moon, zodiac signs and horoscope cancer 4 . home ruler . The Moon is a romantic lovers guardian and astrologers think that the sign of Cancer finest natural born girls who become the best parent their children . Latvians and Germans, the moon is personified as masculine creature , but the Russians and more feminine ancient peoples , such as the Egyptian goddess Isis , wife of Osiris , the Ancient Greek Selene ( Hyperion and Teas daughter and sister of Helios, or the Sun ) . .

Cancer / Horoscopes

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