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Leo / Horoscopes

24,. July - 23 . August . In the very middle of summer , the pilnspēkā pomp and natural born people LAUVAS mark . They have gone completely aware of what he wants and how to lay out the present and the future , whether public or commercial matters . This sign are born princes , kings and people with imperious ability . It may be that in ancient times they ruled over large crops, or other natural resources fields , the sun briedinājās in LAUVAS individuals are subordinate itself to the Sun . LAUVAS those born not wandering nomads to EW , there is no property MAGNIFY like a bull , not the intellectuals , the twins, they nestomās and does not hesitate to CANCER . They have the authority, for themselves , their judges, landlords and kings - although they would not have any , but those they feel . Oh, if I ierēdnītis at a small box sat envisions itself as all institutions Lions , although capacity is negligible . abilities and talents they produce, if the action they see the benefits rebounds , but also for the whole . Honestly, this . They will never do work more than necessary , and if possible - ( which is not reprehensible feature ) , push works on the other shoulder . Leo is really a decentralization specialists honest journeymen , sometimes even up to naivety . Often take longer while they discern that there are people who do not can not be trusted . In the meantime, LION has fallen substantially , or izāzēts . Their naivety is funky because they can not understand that there are people with other forms of honor and character and perceptions . They are open and all say what they think - why the other one and it can not , as I ? . Their judgments are completely subjective, the capture and breaking only through the prism of their . Always brings it shows itself - loves to be the midpoint of the universe , around which revolved , or the same core , or central figure - resp . regnant . LION usually do not enter the room , but acts as the scene because he is a natural actor, most pronounced u0026 bdquo . LION in life are often the scene or movie artist, and he is tormented by someone more capable , or more insidious carries it off his nose a key role in - . Even in everyday conversation topics LAUVAS grozīsies on and around their own, his beliefs and his judgments prevail . Listen to others , make it a nervous , impatient , especially when it comes to their own . For the correctness of his views LION is sure to disrespect considered treason or niekalbību . Other people's intelligence , he applied to the proportion in which they are located in relation to his beliefs (of course - his assessment !) . In this respect, history is often mentioned Napoleon , Henry Ford , Bernh . Show and t . l . Leo has a wide scope and extravagance , as a true king , and he is a powerful friend in his friendship allocated , but as long as it respects the will and LAUVAS views . Jāastzīst , like a lion , and no one feels and knows its associates and competitor size, and at times it also respects . But the true spirit of magnitude is rare (if it has actually happened in common, then it has to be a normal phenomenon ) . LAUVAS everyday surroundings always have a narrow . He tightened around her lounger , servile flatterer to say those types of lien , where no effort can be obtained . Leo likes flattery , and what he hears , it is his heart and hand have . Flattery he can tolerate high doses , and there is no God, if he be deciphered . He considers it the proper dosage enhances his or her well-being , or even - to him they are needed . . Without some . Physically LION not drošsirdīgākais type , like animals in the world , lion prowess behind many of his . At LAUVAS her more courage expressed his spiritual state - as we say , spiritual personal appearances , which stands alongside the vanity . LAUVAS types like luxury, magnificence , splendor , flattery , respect, and fairness, masculine pride , honor , labiskums , bruņinieciskums , authority , high-level position , the courage , and the solemnity of the drama . Leo disgusted parastība , negligence , poverty, aprautība , criticism , contradiction , dishonesty , cowardice , intrigue and pielīšana . LION is hardly revolutionary, as he lacks the power . Those in power , he is a reformer - updater revolution against himself , he could not imagine keeping track of honor understand - and avoid the fate of the resort to force in order to maintain their position . Completely contrary to handle a scorpion . LION love posing , t . i . speaker , maybe sometimes too ostentatious , but within certain limits he himself can afford it . Worse if he overestimates his abilities , plunges into conceit , lose self-control , self-control and begin to list the other . Then he appropriates the role that it is not due . Also LAUVAS woman has a particular authority . She knows how to rule with a wide range of performances , never meddlesome - loves to take on the boss . However, they are of comfort coupled with a practical understanding of why they may be the best and most noble mistress mother . She has a sense of dignity , accompanied by her facial expression and posture proud . Basically LION may reign , but not drive . If she tries to both of these things combine fundamentally opposite , she loses the management of their natural decentralization . Leo is not easy to find a collaborator because of his poorly known people trust those who paglaimo . When finally sees their mistakes when it is too late to be sustain a loss of its authority and nesagandējot . The vanity of a lion stumbling stone, on which they often fall . It is strongly developed in them , and with rare exceptions , it may not be the limit . Leo sign - a sign of power , and the lion bound over property . They are good bosses and subordinates bad because the boss may feel good when subordinates . It is difficult to meet with those who do not succeed in life - and not the little . Ill-tempered and full of vanity, a wander around on your walk around , and even admitted to the idea that he is irreplaceable . In addition , if you have not placed to develop his abilities , Leo even more unfortunate as to why his imperious he demonstrate to their house , the family, because somewhere he should be the first . Here remarked Julius Caesar sentence : it is the first in the province than the second in Rome - and this is Leo born type mentality . . EW fighting for his life in the fight win ; bullfight for ; Dvina fights because he loves life , CANCER wants peace and rest in your house but a lion wants to dominate and to meet with him , in front of the concessions . Leo is the constellation the sun was born , andall those who stand close to the Sun , gets prone and imperious . Sun , lion zodiac signs and 5 . home Queen . Ancient Greek mythology, the sun god is called Helios , Fēbus , or Apollo , son of Zeus and cheap , but Egyptian mythology, Ra , and later to Mount . Balts , Slavs and Germans sun is personified as feminine, but English, French, Romans , Greeks and Egyptians as being masculine . .

Leo / Horoscopes

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