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Virgo / Horoscopes

24,. August - 23 . Humble, loyal critical, literate . Also beginning to pass the first cool winds - Autumn heralds . And such is the Virgo born individuals - mature, wise , to say the least , before the time mature . All of them ( with rare exceptions ) , summons , rarely irritated , they are all thought to be considering in advance of anything decided or will decide . This approach cases and decisions - a sign of good order , and there are no other scrupulous people like VIRGIN cycle of births . They possess symmetry , uncertainty , ambiguity, clean feeling . Everything should go in for a degree of order - one job after another, without haste and excitement . Excesses they hate . Virgo likes order , purity , clarity , restraint, everything in moderation , clarity and certainty , moderation in all things , symmetry , recognition , thinking, estimating ( calculation ) , wise advice , the golden mean , a serious compromise . Virgin disgusted with all that is formless , non-symmetrical , large excesses unexpected , sudden , extreme . Virgin never do not leave anything neizkārtotu , unplaced . Know that where to be in as: there , and there, on the third shelf to the right corner of the green a thread tied . The pedantry of some Virgo born already bordering on the pathological obsession for cleanliness . They perceive things and places as if people do not serve anymore , but people are the slaves of objects , servants and waiters . Their whole life long take caring of a clean up , clean . This sense of perspective VIRGIN people from his close ally requires the same physical and moral purity, and if it is found, is clearly extremely disappointing prone to criticism , frustration . Virgin is expressed analyzer capabilities, and if anyone wants to know about your peers or competitors to turn to those born VIRGIN . They know the people , and made judgments ( which, although not keen on giving ) will correctly . Virgo born in the hard , serious , methodical , the duty -aware people , and Accounting . Typically, his school years, these people are at the forefront , and later in life they are born or teachers . Neglect , their meaning is uncertainty whether the crime , and they have to work overtime should be a natural thing . He is undoubtedly good manners require recognition, praise (like cancer), acting on their mood positive . Put it into their work ( as Aspasia Rainis ) is necessary (like cancer ) . All this type VIRGIN not receive flattery , or jest (as it may be perceived LION ) , but as a natural , internal drives , they are in their place , valuable , irreplaceable , and that something was any recognition - . knowledge of and respect for the Virgin also requires private life, friendships , intimate relationships and society . Who wants VIRGIN friendship , whatever plane, then it should know . VIRGIN types, although smart, but often naive people , but not the . The present civilized era of science running amok VIRGIN type is more than necessary as she precision, analytical skills , determination and sareģistrēšana of quality, without which it is impossible in today's modern life . This man is the constellation - a researcher, theorist , checker , a scientist in all sectors . His excellent memory gives it the ability to pick up an enormous amount of scientific fact , and these people strive for knowledge, as well as seek for material values . Virgo is the target person and like twins, they are exposed to Mercury impression , but their objective is rarely . On average, they are advisors, presidents, kambarkungi often fit their knowledge to their . His thinking is clear and logical , but . . . limited because he was reluctant tampers with the unknown , the deep-seated antipathy to him . He feels some fear the unknown , often denies it , but do not want to admit their fear and pretends to be a skeptic , and pretends authority : . These Niek includes all the virgins do not understand all the mystical , religious , and astrology , t . i . everything that can be shown to explain . He scared of all that do not know , do not understand . If an issue finds an explanation in the belief change . Very suffer if one considers him . Type the Virgin created sīkdarbiem and precision work . Total precision is proved that the Swiss pulksteņrūpniecības work is 87% of the births in the constellation of individuals . Against the big wide distrust of the Virgin occurs , but when the case presented, resp . when it becomes small to understand , with his resignation and the active . Already the mere thought - try to achieve as yet unknown heights or depths Virgo inspires horror . Virgo wants to rule , but with passion and sacrifice wants to serve in his idea , which makes it possible to forget . For years, she can give up everything in order to achieve the coveted . Virgo is scary to decide on something (especially the young) and she needs uzmudinātājs . Virgo is not able to exist within one ( like cancer), she needs beside saprotoša fellow man who pays attention to her . Lonely she feels helpless and distressed , if not one of the care . Alone in her lack uzmundrinātāja and ally to share their thoughts . Loneliness finally virgin can be dangerous due to her critical mind, high moral standards . In order to avoid the psychological crossroads recommended for family life with sexual relations . Due to the meticulous nature and errošanos if you do not find the level of detail to partner VIRGIN type as the women and the men have the so-called . VIRGIN women can also be very beautiful , but they forever have some coolness to the emptiness . Due to the focus of the little things , she often put off by his admirers , or introducing him false premonitions . VIRGIN type saying , Behold , a writer and a published my new book, but netaujās for its content , but whether it is printed ornate or simple . What a remarkable modern astrologer has said : Virgo has a practical benevolence and safe . This is in part due to his coolness , in part, could not conceal their reluctance , . Other people are reluctant to coming to the Virgin , in her presence feel warm , cozy . The non-inclusion and non-compliance may also be explained by intellectual - specimen restraint . Even in a superior individual , however, . VIRGIN type best feature is - help your neighbors what they are in themselves often emphasizes . Virgo autumn has begun, and it looks in the future, they seem pessimistic , hesitant saīgušie . All they need is a kind of distrust of fun and a great poet Goethe ( birth . 28, . August . 1749 . g . ) Says, . . . Rainis ( up to . 11, . Sep . ) - Eternal mountain climber , . . . You will get vientulīgāks , year after year , to you will vary the friend of a friend . . and John Jaunsudrabiņš ( up to . 25 . top ) , daily watched as his God walks solar cycle over the firmament , and little of this land was tied up in things and places . .

Virgo / Horoscopes

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