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Aries / Horoscopes

March. 21, . - April . 20 . energetic, aggressive and selfish , a new path . Or ancient or modern - start is the beginning , it's always tough , because . That is why the very start of a wildly - and all the archaic and the constellation of Aries born in the primal forces of nature vitality loaded , just as Nomad people , even though they live in the high lands of cultural . AUNAM never no shortage of vital aggressiveness and initiative , sometimes softer, natural man . AUNAM never mind someone does not come under the authority of , pakārtoties , whether it be family , work, church , or organization . Aries is an individualist , and if he either forced by circumstances , however, be part of , then he's trying to be in that environment No . 1 . His key to success - EW proceed faster , more aggressive , although neapdomīgāk . So though he often makes mistakes , but for the rear delivery, or for the consequences he too little interest in attention and care than the ram air . He is an exemplary fighter, but as long as the fighting continues to plan further strategy to EW rarely does he disgusted problems and gudrošana , but Aries is a fighter . Aunam like danger , risk, leap forward , though ill-advised , but it 's all happening . EW his . Only in cases where the AUNAM Bismarck genius , he can also be a good diplomat . But Bismarck's diplomacy methods took their opponents gross basis ' corner ' . childhood AUNAM new , be it a girl or a boy , there are more scratch your legs , arms, . If a teacher or supervisor . This communication is not shipped with brutality or evil inclination , but such shares HE NEW behind the overflowing vitality , energy pārplūduma related in part to the impudence or boldness , looking at the circumstances . By the ripe old age of EW excited about physical achievements , so often both sexes EW have all kinds of athletes and young girls are the . he new way of speaking is patosains are rarely melodic , but always natural and clear . Strong, almost too loud words coming from the mouth of the ram , the softer adjacent creatures are shocked by EW only entertain . Other AZET him pleasure . EW - the man is a . There are people who freeze their anger , EW does not know it . Conservation , he also knows , and if he has a plethora of EW with a light hand all Padala . EW tend not something to tease each other , they are interested only in the present moment , but in the future when it is already present . Often the ram looks like his brother, the word nature : slightly rounded forehead, a violent bent nose , as if . If a stranger sees a ram for the first time , their m charmed by its sensitivity . It is a primitive human self blanket, the ability to look inwards . When in front of a dangerous obstacle , no it does not jump back up to Aries, and is usually the last moment . Expect AUNAM means do nothing , be passive , that he is tormented nepaciešamas . Aries is the most active of all types of people . life we are faced with different types of people born stars . Although the work of education and the school environment and transforms human nature , however, no you can not delete , and EW EW remains , although his work or living conditions would be completely against his nature . If Aries is a soldier , contractor , engineer , he is in his element . If an actor , only to varoņlomām and bravura raksturlomām , where the pastor , the church strostotājs the listeners ears jābāž closed , the trader , the hillocks can be saved only by rapid action and risking benign . However, there are things that the ram may not be required because they are not in his repertoire : respectful kindness divattiecībās . Despite all this, however, is much AUNAM tastes - just to name a popular costumes at all sorts of primitive peoples ? . Pusprimitīvo negative feature - pull . But they are easy to decipher the true , International . If EW is becoming a musician, then every respect conductor or musical director , it's pleasing to his vanity . A good example - Haidins in his symphonies often RGSL sleepers - the audience used to awaken the finals with a loud wind instruments and drums fanfare . EW is well understood when he jāpieklusē the . If EW life loses the fight , then it's the nervous expense, but it can happen , especially in this noise and anxiety during which each . If EW is becoming a doctor , the surgeon in all respects . Out of ten doctors - will have nine surgeons who are agile , safe movements with targeted needs vigorous hand while leaning to love our fellow human beings , who passed his way , and the care of . This awareness and practical ability to put forward their position priekšrindās harsh competition . How a child - Aries is a . They are too masculine , among other representatives of their species . Later, the Aries woman is active, independent , brave and determined , but acute misery - the Aries woman likes the men that she can not tolerate t . i . gentle natural agents . Poets , artists, men with philosophical orientation , or general representatives . Just bad luck that the woman - EW itself also seeks his own strong arm , but that is so natural to a woman in general , but there is now re- posts - strong men - EW can not tolerate masculine . And these gentle creatures so happy to have to be caught this spirit , served hand , because without her . In the end, the ram also married a Miss any of these . In many cases, these marriages are they happier - when viewed from the everyday life perspective . His strong man AUNIETE good friend, fun girl that all the . However, the life she will not stay long mild bride to her husband , the head of the Dead Wreath . Auna girl , like a scorpion have known subtlety , acuteness , prone to aggression , as both of these types affect the militant Mars , and made ​​its impression to This type of people they otherwise could not , however suppress their feelings , their early . Today, modern psychiatry has taught us that not only men have masculine qualities , and not just for women Feminine , but mixed . This is nothing new , astrologers , it was known for many thousands of years ago . Martian impact of his agents is not only prowess , but the desire for superiority, even uzkundzēš . And any woman even if she remains very active , masculine top , and if any man remained too passive, feminine top , he . Aries is visvīrišķīgākais of all human individuals , even on the masculine Scorpio , last practiced by more tactical defensiveness rather than attack . In his impatient Aries, often unwilling to disturb the friendship , commercial activities, while a friend is in danger EW safest Assistant . Auna - men's best feature is daring , she is perfect - performance , his arms are - perseverance , his philosophy is to fight - fight and win yourself . Mars , the Roman god of war , the ram zodiac signs and horoscope 1 . home ruler . Though Pluto is the ruler of the scorpion sign , but Mars is known to affect the scorpion . Therefore, the sign of Aries born in the most aggressive and kareivīgākie people , but the scorpion characters are soldiers but cunning dexterity trumps (merging Mars will fight to the death , darkness and revenge god Pluto impression ) . Mars is the same as the Greek Ares , son of Zeus and Hera . .

Aries / Horoscopes

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