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Fish / Horoscopes

Zivs20. February - 20 . martsJūtīgs , passionate innovator , half-hearted mystic It is winter, when the zvagžņājā born launches course of his life under the sun . Weak hunch tells of stagnation and decline in the heat coming . The nature Dami time ranges or stay in shock , or reach towards the sun . Similarly, FISH Constellations born throughout life varies with agony and uncertainty . The toughest them to make an appellate decision in life . The constellation of the same symbol , since thousands of years, is two fish , each looking out towards you . Fish is always moving . Observing this , we feel as if her aimless bicker back and forth . But such is the nature of the fish , and so are the Constellations of individuals born . Straight track their meaning is unrealistic , impossible . They go krustišķērsām - back and forth . What one does it , the other in stark contrast . Therefore, FISH applied born peers the most difficult to understand because fish do not understand the essence itself . They do not know what they want and often do not know whether they are generally what they want ? . The proposed point of sale published later work in the field of art , or vice versa , etc. . Assuming a party invitation, just before it refuses to go without , however, finally arrives . Arriving hippodrome , another impressed he decides to put the ' Great ' . Walking to the Treasury after the tickets he guesses fairy tale of Snow White , bought a ticket to the ' White ' and win a large sum . It is neither normal human intuition or a hunch , but an individual FISH izrīcība ( hunches ) . Fish premonition , sudden illusion due to their intuition and would not be advisable to dissuade them from their . If these rare delicate , sensitive , kind-hearted , willing to help each other and extremely vulnerable people feel that they are trying this in some way detrimental to persuade or influence , they become stubborn as a donkey . Almost all of individuals FISH loves music , very often the math, always calm , but often see themselves as the victims of this in some other . Fish obviously loves water, stronger thermos , often the irritant . Fish like a hidden - occult , but she afraid of these feelings . Fish dreams in broad daylight , like the ballet and dancing in general (especially for women) . Fish appreciate the aesthetic and the mystical and pārnormālo , although it will often she fears not being able to understand . Often we see that other stars born character has many positive features , but also expressed a negative , expressed sympathy and antipathy toward something . Fish is no such concept - how did or disgust . It is understood that reason would be crazy to ask for advice on fish . She is not able to give a . Myriad and again many times in life totally crazy FISH showing symptoms of a person and they should immediately be isolated from society , and yet, over the course of time, FISH all obstacles to reach your madness , and justifies itself , where no one else would not be hoped for , . Astrology , without exception, consider the types of FISH for the fate talents to proudly show the human mind and his inability to alošanos . Here's a world beyond human logical mind what you are incomprehensible , inscrutable power, and yet it undoubtedly exists . For thousands of years , but in vain , scientists and deep pundits have tried to analyze , understand FISH nature and characteristics . A look deeper into the constellation FISH born performances and actions , only come to controversy . A large number of FISH Constellations are born stupid , or life - naive , simple-minded . Despite all these , not quite the bright attestations , FISH individual's relatively easy to learn math and even with many of the solutions x . The fact that astrologers and psychologists put on quite an insurmountable obstacle in studying FISH character - is a mysterious phenomenon that only fish has the ability to confession , one of the centers of her brain , or soul corner Mitosis . Find nor say where it occurs , it can no . If today FISH made ​​something great and remarkable , the morning she may turn out to be just as well be stupid or pointless , the day after she emerges with a smile on his lips , and treats as if it would have been itnekas . However, not always can repair all FISH made ​​nonsense . In this context, FISH as SKORPIONS can become your enemy , because both signs are hiding anything in something we call the self-destruction . SKORPIONS raging wrath for themselves enemies . FISH itself is destroyed by various baudvielām - alcohol , drugs , etc. . , Despite the fact that her body can not tolerate these substances , irritants in the impressions left on the body of the fish undermined . This is the main reason why most FISH fall prey to these agents in the body come into contact with these poisons can not resist . FISH should never use any product , and in no event more than the doctor allows, because it could be fatal for her . The fish are in danger from an internal disposition of fatalism , t . i . - That is , it is, and follow it up and do it , because her soul is frozen looking around more . This paštieksme to an ill-considered criticism of this operation is the constellation of people born in the greatest danger . No one else would require so much self-control , self-discipline and prudence as a fish . She loves to sink in the water , she is on the one hand , makes it enjoyable , on the other hand, too passive to resist - ' to take place in an Event . FISH woman always has a certain beauty , they are fragile , sensitive and ' volatile ' . Some of them leave the impression as if they have ' Forest daughters ', as if the fairy tales iznirušas . If FISH male stroke is severe and shamble , as if a raft kapaļātu , the woman's gait is graceful , because a lot of featured dancers were born in the constellation because they have this position required the fluid motion . But these fragile womanly creatures can be very jealous , because as we have seen , under the stars nedzimstt strong individuals , so if anyone does have himself kaldinājis pilnbriedušu nature , then it is a double- evaluate the effort of . (To mention two famous admirals - NIMICs , Japan - Pacific Fleet destroyer and Tovejs , Ensign ' Bismark ' nogremdētājs . ) Total typical representative FISH comp . Chopin , as even a great spirit, but sickly and weak support found in the writer George Sand , because he himself was unable to pass the . A second striking example - Albert Einstein, who founded a new era , but in life and in politics he was a ' one minded professor ', with his arm pijoli . Not a few of such cases shows FISH . Fish characterized by a parodoksālais - a mix of childlike wisdom , often FISH exhibits high intelligence and right next goof , ie fish appear Bizarre . Similarly, cancer , FISH mīkstčaulību your trying to hide and pretend to be a hard, harsh . With some men want a solid succeeds because they know about the Admiral mīkstčaulību no one has been . Most astrologers are an enigma - Bolshevik Foreign Minister Molotov . Netikdami closer to finding a solution , they put it on the incomprehensible Russian mystic soul account . Also, the late Pope Pius XII, born FISH Constellations . It is known at a young age , he has been very fragile, but mature and assumed all the Catholic Church's leadership, he developed the ability to work and energy fighting against millions of his enemies , a history of a rare fighter shows , and for that reason even today astrologers . It seems like a fish born in the constellation knows that there are things and concepts that go over the human mind and the analytical and the other side you just standing and watching pabrīnīties . But there is need for faith , and where faith begins , there's mind JAKL . Genuine faith we find in other stars were born in people and faith teaches us : . In addition, knowing these valuable properties , fish it makes the case more than any other of his people and all mankind , reaching a peak of genius . .

Fish / Horoscopes

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