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Capricorn / Horoscopes

December. 22, . - Jan . faithful , constant judgments , conservative authoritative time of year are born in the constellation of the people is not so pleasant or convenient . The light that we jāuzdedz early , while a symbol of remembrance of the past and hope for the future . Not yet forgotten Saulstari that gave light and warmed , there is no loss of hope that the sun will rise again in heaven hill . In the meantime, no doubt life is Sura and difficult , but not so full of bitterness that intolerable . Battle of life is undoubtedly heavier , more effort , but it is annealed men of effort and struggle finds contentment and joy , and here people are formed by forging other than those for whom . It often happens that the constellation of births that are born in the adult . In this case, they are not on the way to his age guy and his loud play . They are outgrowing them , as . If the missing child's kindness to him , his plump singleton , a serious man who learns a lot and read about all the interested . He wants to do something . As the he-goat knows that he . He is not a winger as Aries, he is not as strong as a ox, nor the conditions of the user as the twins may have slipped into situations such as cancer, he is not as demanding as a lion , he is not like a wedge , like the Virgin , there is no . Azis is a creeper . No cliff , no life path that is not on the floor . Azis rising slowly over the rocks and through the thickets , but there is always the pinnacle of . There he imagined to reach a haven of peace where you will no longer be obstacles and thorns , and then only he pierimst , respite and become milder . It naturally follows that the people in her youth, during the harsh, , anxious , but life on the other side are all adjusted daily life favorite type . Azi great respect and admiration because he is diligent , conscientious and tidy , like no other . . . . He is a very good and responsible worker, a teacher, a zealous servant , a good boss , skillful technical professionals, as well as other property manager . There is a good tiesībnieks - a lawyer , a good scientist - an archaeologist , historian , researcher . Azim networks Dabra and devotion to their intended purpose calmly , systematically , the step-by- step guide to follow , perseverance and seriousness , great boldness , honesty and effort to thoroughly addressing . Azim networks ancestral virtues and the laws , traditions and conventional norms , routines , procedures and system of work , determination , and of patience, effort and fair , however, . . . leave yourself something in reserve - ( Adenauer , Arlene Ditrich ) . Azim disgusted with everything that is not serious, senselessness , irresponsibility , laziness , avoiding haste , . He was not . Azim itself will not be displayed . He just can not . Therefore, in everyday life, society, or he-goat leaves zombie impression . However, in life and at work and at heart he-goat wants to understand their . He longs for recognition and linkage - sympathy . Azim hard to show their sympathy and it will never be the first to launch negotiations . Aza Constellations people fed Saturn Influence to guard age and strength, so their fate is favorable for all . Azis invest their capital and many years ahead and plan your life so that it covers the long-term . Aged , or life pilnbriedumā Azis reach their goal, but he is . The upper features even more gets ĀZENĒM - that women born in the constellation . Her harsh, often , inaccessible , . They are a rare phenomenon - a year of maturity they become more beautiful and attractive , and their . Azen is a serious , conscientious , patient and from the early years, chooses a trade . They have a good secretary , almost without exception, from your boss ' right hand ' can rely on . They love to research laboratories . They are good physicians , chemists , art historian - all shining in space and time where the show work and skill . Unfortunately the goat both sexes happy with GATHERINGS . Their subordinates , līdzdarbnieki or servants always feel like a wall , or the wall , and his superior in others , no matter how good and propitious such a boss trying to be . Azim subordinates always feels himself a certain humiliation , depression because they feel misunderstood , as if overlooked , undervalued , marginalized ( Mendez - Frans , Malenkov ) . Due to the behavior of peers , a male goat with the passage of time remains pessimistic loners engulfs your life . However, they are strong and full of courage and there are circumstances where others would long since have disappeared . Often they lack faith in themselves to the conditions of winning , but the life of those wins . None of the constellation born outweighs Azi endurance and fortitude , because no life task not too difficult goat . That's struggle with difficulties develop in them faith and desire to win . No Azis not work on low-value or low - dull or dirty - just the material plane (not moral ) . Azis struggle consistently and systematically until all obstacles . ram- ascetics and we find that its goal or ideal of detached from everything becomes fanatical . If the goats this type occur, the firm he . Azis in a case of just waves his hand - he already knew - the rules just for him no one wanted to believe . Azis is another entrant in the life of an old wise guy , as we would say . He advice is always everywhere and always at hand , even if it's to time expressed harsh, . Azis is a specimen , standing at the edge of the observer , as we would say . With his tenacity , immense capacity for work Aza career can climb very high . There comes to the aid of ambition , consistency and thoroughness . Reached the pinnacle of the he-goat there with . specializations can be the goats if they were born to their initial phase , or phase, where they admix . Azis is the psychiatric definitions apply to the so-called . Such properties as well as the unfortunate goat absolute lack of . Saturn , the ancient Italian population sowing and harvest god in Roman times identified with the Greek Kronoss - weather gods ; Capricorn zodiac signs and 10 . Home ruler Neptune and father . .

Capricorn / Horoscopes

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