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Taurus / Horoscopes

VērsisApr. 21 - May . Patient, demanding , requires a materialist and lascivious . That's the middle of spring position in the constellation of thousands of years ago iedēvēja on Versus : Like predecessors Aries , Taurus is also a primitive nature, which cling to the spot, and as their ancestors , caring for the land, pamedī , pazvejo . But VĒRSIS already a step further cultural and economic situation, as he was , as they say , was no longer living from hand to mouth , but Taurus has his own herd , resp . He has already provided materials . And already before the time Taurus has always been more than other people . Later, they became the first lielgruntnieki , wealthy class, in fixing the mind and collect belongings and measured, and was the first who brought the so-called . History teaches that the ancient people were the first wealth stocking quantity . It also comes in modern times, money is - the Latin word . Azim is the most important achievement , Taurus - Property . VĒRSIS recognize the achievements of so much as he can reproduce his property . VĒRSIS wealth considers it his goal in life . His way is slow , and the richer it becomes, the heavier top . Since he lives evening, squatting on their property chests , wishing to interfere with any of their . Taurus type is clumsy , slow nature phlegmatic , almost lethargic . Their hard move to any act or conduct . He has great patience, they just should not interfere with or take away a part of his property, and in no way jeopardize the . Verse living in primitive natural protoplast , and his great peace , he permits himself , his forces are strengthened with a billy goat will never know . If VĒRSIS goes crazy , he is dangerous to the environment top . When they turn irritate and interfere , he is very cute . He shall cooperate in economic, or rarely another field , and as they say, always finds the . If VĒRSIS hosting a party , then there will be a perfection that not lack a . Walt Disney was born in Taurus sign , he captures the joy of life and the luxuries of great diversity , but only of material life . Bullfight when her against his will pull out of his peace - his essential element because he strongly wants to enjoy , rather than fighting . As a lover Taurus is good taste - not only on the tongue, but also in color and form . Bright colors he was not , but grayish pasteļtonētās - especially green and brown ( as opposed to the goat , which so several blue) which best suits him well . Possessions , especially in today's wealth is money - a measure of the value of an ox always dievinājis . But not only did he . Today all over the world tend to turn into the steers , if not money , then the bodily and sexual possessions . How many with spiritual values ​​in their most . However, his tactic of getting wealth is very different from the goat's tactics , Taurus does not rise ' in the air ' is not surprising , but purposefully , step by step approaching its target , and acquired, accrued able to protect and safeguard better than anybody else . He is what we call a . Property, especially in the money in his hands the top . VĒRSIS not a connoisseur of good people and a lot of stresses his . The same could be said about the choice of friends . Behind disability often turn wrong in their lives makes skittish , and interferes with his life harmony . So VĒRSIS often worried by the time the members are thinking about him, and whether there ever present on his property . Rarely, it also is , but what the worry and nervozēšana can help ? When they turn . Having a lack of success in life , it also does not hold for anything because , . No matter how unfortunate , but we will change the very life , and very often , especially in the circles of financiers , such is given and received help , which help would not be needed . As all the individuals who expressed their bright . Nevertheless, the Taurus is a benign , ready to help his neighbor , who is awakened in her infidelity, or the neighbor is not . VĒRSIS always avoid ill because of his fear of the . The same character trait seen at FISH and cancer individuals , because not only do they have a fear of disease adhesion , but they generally uneasy feeling sick around . Like the color and shape of a calf has been developed so artists - musicians , painters , sculptors , decorators between . However, writers between them is a rarity . If Taurus is a musician , the singer in every way , driven by his strong built chest and well -developed lungs and the whole body . It is safe to say that opera singer born in Taurus sign . And they're all worried about your voice , or other . VĒRSIS subordinate to the planet Venus , where everything beautiful , smooth , round , generally feminine . Venus from the ancient ( Greek ) world is a symbol of feminine beauty . Therefore, it is essential steers feminine , and can not imagine what would be the masculine as AUNENE . Steers is even more beautiful, nicely done figure, a small spout , fair skin , cheek dimples . Her movements are consistent . She is a real woman's best means of expression ( the Queen of England Elizabeth II ) . steers not- so-called emancipation , after a career with the exception of the artists . Her marriage is a war love paflirtē but married , feel an obligation to be faithful . Marriage they consider as their own property , like Taurus men only to property . Her husband asks her absolute confidence, and God forbid the man that steers might catch ' astray ' ! . Taurus man iedomīgākais between conspecifics . Of his head can not knock the idea of ​​what it would have taken , and so it is best to steer No arguing , just as hard to convince him . the bull like a proud house - money, property, good food , thermos , amenities, cosiness , unobstructed . Taurus hate . Taurus is a great satisfaction to himself, the proposed attainment of self- management ( Bram , Balzac , Shakespeare reached the peak of ) . Large sues, did not achieve anything spiritual state immersed in materialism . His life measure : it is beautiful , whether it's horrible , it's not right , or castaway . His motto : I do everything permitted, but where the rushes , he gets nasty - at least unethical . VĒRSIS never Finder - Finder nor revolutionary . The exception is - Karl Marx , but it's also just a theorist . VĒRSIS can not be an inventor because he only accepts what has already been tested . Why look for something new , if it 's good enough that you can use and enjoy the benefits of land . As Venus Versus influence , he so feminine characteristics , as in fashion, beauty and magnificence Collecting objects , their home decoration and izbagātināšanā , otherwise he is manly . Venus , the Latin mythology - Jupiter and Diana's daughter and wife of the volcano , at the beginning of spring and the grapes, after the goddess of love and beauty , Aphrodite identical to , the Greek mythology born from the sea foam . In astrology Venus reigns not only over the bull zodiac sign 2 . house, but also a sign of weight 7 . in the house . .

Taurus / Horoscopes

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