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Aquarius / Horoscopes

January. 21, . - February . 19th . idealist particulars of humane , loyal and compassionate . This year, everything in nature is frozen , numb . Neither sow nor reap nor gather harvest . With the longing we look forward to the return of light and life , and spiežamies together - dear due to heat . Under these conditions a person who is of all things hoping and waiting - warmth , friendship , and the brightest Aquarius Characters . He never let anything does not complain about anything , as the EW . If not, how should he hopes and trusts that it will be better . He does not lead to EW , - on the contrary, he was looking fitting , and he needed a friendly community . The nature of the forgotten - Aquarius stay up in his own thoughts, he learns to . Aquarius from all the evils in life choose the lesser, in this situation can be . Aquarius own thought and spirit of the world in which he can achieve a lot , and there is no shortage of examples in life - a man who made himself led the talk (Fr . Schubert , Prof. . Picard rakstn . Ž . Verne 's . c . ) This constellation of births among so many thinkers and poets , as in any other , and yet they are all standouts , though not rarely preached togetherness ideas (French dzejn . Colette ) . In practice , it is common Leo embodies what Aquarius invented ; VĒRSIS used Aquarius ideas into your own selfish purposes . Aquarius is a search engine , the creator , and he looks at the same time to the distant future , . Even today, after she was born EW is looking back only . It happens that the Aquarian looks over time , too much into the future and discover things and concepts that she . In gadienā nesapratēji called him . He is an individualist , and , above all, an intellectual and inquiring as we said , first of all for the former , but especially for the future of things . When Aquarius becomes a writer , and he writes great historical novels, either about the past or the future - ( Carle Dickenss , Fr . Bacon , Žūls Verne ) . Thomas Edison was the Aquarius - the most famous inventor of the modern . It would be grossly wrong to think that Aquarius is the only theorists . Edison and his inventions Pikārs tested and used right here on the ground or under water - the ocean depths . Aquarius - one might say , is a spiritual pioneer like a billy goat breaks all its barriers to physical force . Aquarius networks think so fellowship , along with others so clubs and activities and the emergence in . He likes machinery and new discoveries in the . Like it interesting and exciting , unusual , exciting , unorthodox and fascinating . They are all characteristic of the Aquarius itself absorbs and radiates from you . He especially networks unknown secret, occult mysteries and enigma . Aquarius disgusted routine , conventional norms meanness , selfishness , stubbornness , and boredom dumjība . He was not lēndomāšana , tūļība and inability to decide and decide on their site . Was not reckless chase after something was not molestation , and in particular will not be forced to do - unlovable . It restrained him , because he . Aquarius does not feel alone in his solitude , in fact he can never be lonely because his thoughts and ideas are always with and around him - in contrast to the image of Gemini and Virgo , who absolutely can not tolerate loneliness . They are doing everything to prevent or mitigate . Aquarius retreat to their way of thinking leads to a revaluation of roads leading to the pinnacle of science or mysticism gorges ( Swedish Swedenborg - theologian , new religious movements propogandētājs ) . With its surprisingly subversive view of the high court are as misunderstood , discouraged by the time members , unless they are able to convince . If this constellation born youth enters the purple passages and pamper environments , but the course of time , following your intuition , they find their way and place in life and at work , even at a young age as it would be suspicious . How ŪDESNVĪRAM striking examples include the Great Prussian emperor Fridrich . In his youth he was disappointed his parents by brilliant French- manners interspersed life and extravagance . Contrary to all tradition, he also played the flute . In later years he completely turned , it became bright and hard as a diamond, fought pitched battles and domestic - and foreign policy and became a symbol of the German nation . the prez . F . D . Rūzvets is a typical representative of Aquarius . Carried away with your personality and closest collaborators and mass political field and was dazzling success , although not everyone agrees on his political achievements . Not only the positive features of a situation, Aquarius is to be noted . Among them teem and swarm pusdiletantiem dilettantes that it is better - that 's nothing ! . Aquarius is a dangerous political dilettantism in the world leads many dead ends and leaves the mass misery of mankind , but as it is now - a major motion usually veiled with loud slogans and large burst of national . Have a longer history may be examined - wert mentioning the great disaster - I and World War II and . . . ( German Emperor Wilhelm II , King Faruk of Egypt and c . ) . But all this does is veiled with dedication laborious perseverance . Come to the aid of the greatest enemy - coaxing , conjuration . . . and the error is that doing something . . . Sometimes diligence and Darbīgums Aquarius gives you a first loss , disappointment , even distress . Aquarius all the punches as a magician from their sleeves as unprecedented . Some consider him lazy . That he did not , he has to have their own ways of working . For days he does not do nothing, but it does apropos to where the other months should . Such doings are often left on the fellow , especially superiors , negative , even envious insights and reinforced the impression that these men are busybodies, because Aquarius is normally expected to be arrogant , and why not , the spirit of a rule, . Spirit also the only one that does not bend , break and , if terminated . Aquarius is mistaken in believing people and humanity as the highest ideal and is the measure of disclosure and existing . Earlier or later he feels bitterly disappointed . His love of other people is Pavese , fragmented to individuals, and for that reason also , each of them receives only part of the Aquarius love . Actor and film profession is a common thing to Aquarius in theater and film their very bound . Descriptive art - painting, Aquarius is looking for new ways and new ideas : Surrealists , Futurists , allegoristi , and so forth pseidomistiķi . It is in their environment , but they also are the ones who are cutting new strings, ignoring the old highways saputējušos . Without a doubt, the beginning of true art, the endpoint of dilettantism , of quarrels . If you want to LION everyday life to achieve a high position, then Aquarian wants to be a spiritual life . He wants to have an idea before , and also ( Žūls Verne ) , first to fly over the ocean ( Lindberg ) by those around you , not in my dreams have not seen or thought . Although these pluggers often ridiculed and underestimated - but , as they say , . Aquarius women have their own distinctive appeal , the best sense of the word . They are good friends , maybe sometimes Pavese and a bit rude , but always attractive . If you take her to arrange to do , especially in their nature, it is better to stand aside and not to disturb her and nekaitināt . They are very spiritually gifted with high intelligence and life itself gives a bright career . Opening prone to greed and search Aquarius is often directed by Dick rails . This is facilitated by the nature of his gain more confidence and discover your . What else masquerading as something special , Aquarius is the usual routine . Uranus (top left) , Urania ( top right) and a merman or . .

Aquarius / Horoscopes

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