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Scales / Horoscopes

23,. September - 23 . October . Aizsmaržojuši spring flowers , summer heat iztveicējis , harvested . A person can . Affectionate , worthy and beautiful people born in the constellation . People whose inner nature apply to all consistent with an innate balance . This balance appears to them as joys , the sorrows , and the battles with the loss or victory in their daily work . They are peaceful people , and if all men were of such character traits of humanity knew no wars . On the other hand, the question arises whether WEIGHT people alone could win the victory that . His peacefulness is positive and they are struggling , the other option no longer find . Then they are struggling with an unprecedented fortitude , it's hard to reconcile them . It is therefore not recommended weight unbalance . SCALES is a symbol of balance , their thinking and speech is harmonious , balanced . But Libra is also the symbol of life and those upon the people we meet more individuals in the legal sense , a tendency to settle, the evaluation of the dispute . Them living in natural qualities to become diplomats : piemīlīgums , džentelmeniska Galanta and demeanor , logical presentation of the idea , emphasized on account of righteousness - these are the factors that affect the partners , resp . . Not only diplomacy and the respective spheres appear CONTENT value of type . Also, the art world , especially the ballet industry, thanks to these people aligned movement, their success is undoubtedly . Without exception WEIGHT people are good dancers as well as musicians, thanks to their rhythm and harmony synthesis . Even CONTENT voice tone already indicates their musicality , it is harmonious and gentle calm . Rhythmic harmony CONTENT type the meaning of life , and whether or not the rhythm of the universe and fines each companion ? . When searching for the meaning of life in harmony , it also loves the beauty of life . This sign is born as a necessity: to find harmony with the beauty endowed , in terms of the attractiveness of life . All bright and shining , all elegant and harmonious mood uplifting CONTENT . This is the constellation of births among eminent tiesībnieki , diplomats , ballet and music stars , jewelers , fashion makers , hairdressers and beauticians . Draw weight births networks peace , justice , leveled understanding, good reception, compliments , enjoying the art of all kinds , even the voice and the image in the mirror . Also, flirt , backed by the gallant apparel and investigation of phraseology , coquetry , - and over all , and that all may go well for everyone , everyone would be satisfied even if the following relationship conflicts occur . scales were targeting , harshness , rudeness and brutality , his bad behavior , angular awkwardness acrimony , . No other Constellations born so certainly does not emphasize the fact , . As has been customary , throughout , there are exceptions , but the Sign -born women are the most beautiful . Even in the most deplorable social conditions , where no opportunity is to some extent an individual development, CONTENT girl develops an attractive object, and when she smiles , everyone smiles with you . She is aware of and therefore maybe even smile too often and arrogant , like CONTENT man , she is also a . They always tend to praise about the pleasure that they are true , and every detail of neapnikšanu discussion to the last nuance even the most insignificant things . If the instrument type you write a letter , then you can probably just read the last page , there's everything important will be told throughout the first half is just an introduction . CONTENT woman has never been indifferent to their appearance , and considering the consequences of each issue that result from it . . She very often in love with her beauty and tīksminās , or stresses : . their fate from which we both no we can not escape . One of these women is a feature - never not to say . . Sooner or later . . If they izsprūk . CONTENT woman does not like a iznerrot , disappoint or upset , do not like to be called a . The Sign born people in general are not particularly agile , diligently , as they always settles for others to serve the top . If you classify people . Woman sleeping in until lunch time , self-care consumes high time men carelessly dressed and absent . This type have a very bad taste about him throughout his neighborhood, but they do not speak , does anything to get out of this state . Women adorn an excessive number of rattles , and all that she pieietams without compromising the excesses . Sometimes these properties, they tend to be considered . These people love life takes a visible place , and they have multiple marriages are not uncommon in the eternal search for . It must have integrity , the obligation to bear . There are cases where the CONTENT type . . CONTENT beautiful woman among the other female gender is a prototype , and every woman perceives that she would also be part of the capital of femininity . Women always proud when her girlfriend is SVARĒNI and these happy creatures seldom remain hen honors . If someone wants to overhaul themselves friends or a life partner who go , as they say , . Some of the constellation of the zodiac ( the southern sky around ekliptiku , from west to east : fish , ram , bull , twins, cancer) are presented in the winter at night ( eg . Around 2 am 1 . November , around midnight 1 . December , or around 8 pm 1 . February) .

Scales / Horoscopes

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