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Scorpio / Horoscopes

24,. Oct - 22 . November faithful , proud fighter sees his . Life on earth prepare for battle and ' death ', which it suspects over a thousand years of test . This is why the constellation Scorpio that births are fighters . He does not attack as Aries, but he always feels in danger and ready to defend . Each peer SKORPIONS first round considered his enemies , which would better be hostile , and it is always ready for its close ally of violating the corpses to keep oncoming , who would also be destroyed , or at least made ​​a prisoner , which could then ridicule . Each resistance he was considered a rebellion against him, which can not tolerate . Such is the nature of Scorpio , and that there are already thousands of years and is not easy to stand against the inexhaustible fighter and strong type . No other person can not be so mad angry, evil and obnoxious , no one else so impatient , but with such a strong will to work . He is aggressive, and just to bypass each other , as if to defend yourself . The second he does not tolerate opposition , and often misunderstood , often only distrust towards their fellow human beings . However, this in no way alters the nature of Scorpio , he was attacked at the first suspicion door and bites until a partner perceived . He would behave edited mercilessly and society as well as at work, friendship , family or love it . He can love really long and passionately , but some abuse that maybe just even imagined , he will never forget . These wrongs and feels he can . Scorpio jokes are sarcastic or ironic cold . He can be a real struggle , and trusted companion to your partner , where he acts as a great fighter with amazing courage, and enormous power reserves , even though this fight he is not satisfied . It's nothing neizskaistina , never say - It's not that bad . . but he always seems that there will be - will still be worse and is going to . Ask anything, capitulate , give in or pieļauties - are concepts that Scorpio does not exist . His purposes are just two concepts - and I was wrong . That he has enemies , it does not prevent him , he even can not do without them ( Martin Luther ) . Enemy Riese vigor her work and fight . And just knowing the properties we own contemporaries - Scorpio is more or less how people can understand ( Dr. . Goebbels, AURIN Bēvisma , ancient Sun . Augustine ) . SKORPIONS always emphasizes that vision in my right side, the side domination , superiority and power express u0026 Scaron . He likes guns and run around them , including hunting, victory and toil to overcome them . Scorpio does not like other strength and superiority , although their respects , a convincing logical thought - from which he is fleeing with irony , lack of trust , devotion , rest position, the lack of resistance (which he often promote ) another authority, in whatever plane . To infinity can continue to record that Scorpio disgusted . as congenital fighter , he has the talent to discover your opponent's weaknesses, t . i . - Ahilesa his feet . It is beagle , medical and t . l . high-value properties , and no it can not go into their patient - either criminals or patients, as a specialist - SKORPIONS . Veikalvedībā he infallibly binding . Not the most outstanding soldier of Scorpio , not only for his courage and strength , but his composure and Art enemy . These properties after he stands far ahead AUNAM , which is also an exemplary soldier . However AUNAM , his guileless nature, never not come to mind trick Scorpio and Niki . Scorpio battle can be won only the second scorpion England because of World War II against German Montagomēriju sent feldm . Rommel - both Scorpio . Scorpio often gets infidelity jealousy , for that reason , this type of astrology is one of the mysteries vismistiskākajām ( obscure , . Scorpio is always and everywhere necessary fight , quarrel , and it makes everyday life with him almost impossible - nine out of ten will win the dispute scorpion . From millennia of practice experienced in the life of the Scorpio should fearlessness counterattack , but not with a whip or a sickness , but endowed with patience courage . Never show weakness , but he should not ever challenge . Opposite the weak Scorpio is merciless - he knows no compassion . There are exceptions , but rarely . These are the characteristics of all the Scorpio , even if they had aizmaskotas to . Scorpio women are different in nature than men . Although they are also harsh, and solid character , but no one can beat her partner not force or energy, and often with her ​​own prison , even cruelty can deeply offend a man . They have their own distinctive beauty, referred to as the . All of them plays its role as a . But like the Aries women , they have a magical power of attraction , especially . However, as the Aries women and Scorpio strives for a life of . She did not find their . There are instances that a strong character life collapses . Then it would never be Scorpio Type . If it gets weak and feeble , though rarely happens , his sonorous voice will skārdaini and he retreated into himself - in the pašlīdzcietībā , feeling that he never knew the other . Then his space . And the metaphysical properties of the Scorpio is the most astounding that he can overcome the greatest enemy of t . i . himself - and if he can do it , we meet in life causes scorpions to the type of cultural history that reaches the highest peak of ( Picasso , Voltaire , Nehru , Marie Curie , etc. . c . ) . However, to overcome oneself is the first and foremost rule - to do this we can see from St. . Augustine's life and works ( see . His . This book illuminates patmīļa arrogant , pampered type of struggle and conflict almost the whole world, and its transformations , and finally achieving reconciliation with all , or even diving svētsvinībā , resp . from below , from the depressed life walked up to the light and purified Paths . Self-education is not pašpārvarēšana every need , often making it SKORPIONS Science . Thanks to the great susceptibility and greed energy objective to identifying , Scorpio , through their fighting spirit and destructive forces - to combat evil , trials carried out a great service to mankind . SKORPIONS born MARSA mark him for that reason , as AUNAM , befits all edged , pointed , burning , and also . . icy cold . . . Often science and psychiatry emphasizes that police and undercover spies is the same type of criminal , only the . These actors inclined to do the fraud and deceit raise internally converted desire to fight and hunt down what they take to be greedy to coercion of the dedication, and in this position , then, no other employee can not compete with Scorpio . in each constellation are born in this land, evil desires obsessed types - thieves, swindlers . And in this case, again SKORPIONS visļaundabīgākais between criminals . Highest Scorpio type pārtrumpo low and exposing be traced and destroyed , where and as far as I could , because he does not have the ability to somehow create something , but the . This spiritual ruins morale collapsed , with , or against the will of the unfortunate types that are then SKORPIONS - discoverer of trying to keep on the right track . .

Scorpio / Horoscopes

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