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Gemini / Horoscopes

Gemini May 22. - June 21 . Comprehensive , gusher , the analyst . The original and primitive in nature over . Dvina symbol is no longer feeling permeated his animal , but it is more . After he new baby , and draws a grandchild is born . However, they grew quite yet because there is still the spring and spiritual framework is to say , not only in bud . EW was a pioneer - lidumnieki who had to contend with the natural severity ; VĒRSIS was a rural farmer - multiplier herds and land learner who were interested only in properties . Well come in an individual with a broader , more comprehensive scope and interests begin to glimpse the outside of him is he himself , and although he has no real end in itself , but their starting to like things a thousand variations and developments , and in all situations . The twins born in the constellation of individual . His thinking does not go deep, and just a fanciful idea , the problem is solved, he hurries to the next . Because they are always willing to constantly look for new challenges , new problems , new probability . Twins are real intellectuals . They can talk about their problems without stops as the brook murmur . Minor , or someone they heard - they themselves enamored with her ​​words because they inspire Dvina of repentance , not very long . Twins are the ones who pulled the most change in their constellation also varies . All long-running them bored and boredom is their greatest enemy . That is why the Dvina seen often considered opinion, the idea of ​​' . exchange . In my life, DVĪŅI trade or job changes forty - or five times , and there is evidence that the twins are changed his profession 16 -fold . their judgments and decisions Dvina decision quickly and all the making out in a hurry so that it often makes mistakes . If EW aloe , he gets testy . Turning to alošanās stubbornly sticks to his own, even though the head . If Dvina aloe , he recognizes his mistake , changing views . He is reasonable, the best means of expression , and that is good or bad , he evaluates the mind , and does not hold it quits , but the mistake is human . Dvina agreeable sagacity , change, travel , exercise, . However Dvina like elegance , beauty, altercation , activity . Dvina disgusted with all long-term, permanent , stagnation, dogma , tradition , heaviness , . Where twins, there's something to take place , should go , otherwise he is boring . Dvina increasingly asking for something , but the first meeting , in his opinion , the best answer , never not investigate . He asks , as if watching a train roll or catalog - everything in there properly held further prašņāt ? . Gemini is often avīžnieks - reporter or ievadnieks , and he is always on the . His information he teaches the reader interesting, with humor , joke or something and taste paticami a twin lie . Complicated things diezko he does not understand , but for those he . Dvina life everything seems relative - there is nothing absolute . Science has proven that there is nothing existing , why do things and take positions as . . . Dvina think that these individuals lack of awareness , adaptability, think they are . It often we are faced with the type - the deniers , who represents ignorance wrongly consider the for behold , others just say and think . . Never Dvina nepadomā - could otherwise be , as he seems . Gemini is fickle , but not long-term . Shortly focuses on one as soon as the other views, even though they are quite the opposite, since the same has nothing on the absolute . Dvina is a creative nature . Rather, they are collaborators , assistants or brokers where nothing is created , not even need to think long . There is no liability for . His work in the true sense - does not work, but it is always engaged , but not where the need to think long . DVĪŅI often prefer to lawyers' careers , but rarely come including the famous and very rarely become judges because . They seem less important to achieve a certain , but to achieve that soon, soon , surprisingly ( Azis , aries, taurus ) . He does not travel to foreign lands to be there to see, gain - learn while traveling movement, and maybe there will be something to do . Dvina not a fanatic - since than but not absolute , all relative . case and the nature of its origins Dvina do not care if he is a researcher but may occur . Then he focused on your industry, or for a number of specialties , without considering kopslēdzieniem . Gemini is sketchy , he disgusted with thoroughness , dogma . He quickly acquired every innovation , even in science, but , as they say , . And if nothing does not accumulate in high spirits or bag out there - are already changing everything ! . twin woman is uzklausīga , intelligent and performance oriented , it is a fun and optimistic girlfriend , which is never boring . She learns , often studying, acquire a profession, and hard to beat their quickness , speed perception Affairs . Commitments made by his exemplary , but . Nothing from the body of her brain processing, but all she can to bring the audience in front of him , and all admired . Dvina goddess for the most beautiful , attractive, fresh and desirable , and beztam his admiration for the ingenuity of thought and logic . She's always up to date - fashion, literature or politics . Attends the premiere of the new movie and seems to be well-informed and thorough in every situation of our young . Dvina spirit vibrates , but does not burn with a bright flame . They captures the essence of things in the movie , not ieglezno as an artist with an interesting way of lasting importance . They always have a good, certain mood , and they do not believe the bad guys because all but you can talk to - and making things logically arranged . vislietišķākais Gemini is intellectual , all arranged in a sense of humor or a joke or additives , although . He is a technician mind that all streamlines and know each bolt its place , but at the same time is also a skeptic , and all that do not understand , place the drawer ' madness ' . All these contradictions are twins . So contradictory nature were: Richard Wagner , Dante , Thomas Mann and Oswald Spengler . . . And this because they usually say : . . . . Mercury, the Roman god of mythology speedy messenger god of money and trade , ambassadors , merchants , and patron of thieves , the Greek Hermes , Zeus ( Jupiter ) and Home 's son , also represents the mental and physical agility , sports, inventions , music and travel . In astrology Mercury is a twin sign ( horoscope 3 . house ) and Virgin labels ( 6 . house ) lord . .

Gemini / Horoscopes

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