1st of April jokes / Celebration traditions
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1st of April jokes / Celebration traditions

Laugh must have a quiz about the other people there still exist some positive signs as laughter itself is releasing , . Laughing compressed , blocked energy runs out , becomes free from tension in her uncovered . therefore, one . April is a good day to get rid of stress . Gelotologi - scientists engaged in the study of laughter - now a proven fact that one minute of laughter is replaced by a half-hour workout loosening . Laughter is massaged the diaphragm and solar plexus , deepens breathing, tense muscles relax , heart rate and blood pressure rise a little , getting better cellular oxygenation . Psychologists believe that the public now has a special need for a healthy sense , it helps to get through the sadness of the situation . ' Probably pasmejieties of leaders and statesmen - it reduces social anxiety . Right from the ancient times known fairy tales and anecdotes that have ridiculed not particularly smart and clever gentlemen and their doings . When all together delicious mouth can laugh about it , the experiences become less visible , ' I consider . Goebel . Laughing at others, we can also laugh at myself for the things that we are concerned about . That's why there are so popular in the sense of different shows , comedy shows and joke , videokuriozi . Cute jokes are those that are perceived without resentment , when the intention is to really make fun of people , creating together experienced a moment of joy , not bad joke . Not like the other one . April jokes are different from the words you hole in his pants ! . They can put both laugh and cry . So before you make fun of someone , think about what this man . It is possible that his joke may offend . And the resentment is not so easily forgettable , it's emotionally wounded . ' If a man thinks that his life should not overly existence , then he will feel offended if it does not happen, ' psychologist says that people can insult it , why he selected hoax . One of the human need to belong to the other . If a man is ridiculed , this joke can serve as a message You are not nondescript , we take you on pasmejamies . May feel that others do not accept him for what he is, it causes a stir . is easier to offend people with low self-esteem . The higher a person self-esteem, the more secure he feels , and then people have a healthy attitude towards the world and towards themselves , their dark sides , their failures . ' Unsure human self can seem threatening in someone's angry glance , much less a joke . Expression of resentment may extend from getting caught up in themselves to even the desire for revenge and the relationship has ceased from deep depressive state until the hostile attacks , which are in some way touched . ' To each his own weakness psychologist discovers that there are people who are making fun of others just to themselves not izjokoti . These people are the most commonly used offensive jokes . Seneca said: . ' Offensive jokes are those that violate the personality , especially when it offends the personality , which is in itself a man is frustrated that he does not take himself . . Other people will certainly be a joke if the joke is also an object to offend the other person , then he will surely already know the weak points and forcing them to . But it can also happen quite unintentionally without knowing the other person . The joke itself is not traumatic , people would be harmed if the joke touched replace him in the place of the human soul , . therefore, one . For the stranger , less known better to make fun of people with neutral jokes , but more personal jokes can be used for well-known people . ' If you are April joke touched and awakened resentment , then instead of the offended izjokotāju , think of me this joke touched me a complex sits still unresolved , . ' .

1st of April jokes / Celebration traditions

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