Pentecost / Celebration traditions
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Pentecost / Celebration traditions

VasarsvētkiVasarsvētki 50ajā is celebrated on the day after Easter , which usually falls on a Sunday between 10. May 13 . June . 2010 . The Pentecost of 23 . May . Pentecost is quite unusual . Maybe someone is not really clear what they are celebrated - or the beginning of summer ? . It really is - summer is underway . All nature - the woods, the meadows and fields - has been reborn . After a cold winter suddenly everything is full of life . However, Pentecost is celebrated anything else : it is not only natural but also our spiritual rebirth , and the boughs symbolize our spiritual rebirth . Christian Church calendar Pentecost next Christmas and Easter are particularly important role in . Christmas is the day of God the Father , the Father gives his Son into the world that comes into this world as a child . Easter is the celebration of Christ , his resurrection , death, victory day . Pentecost and the Feast of the Holy Spirit , the Spirit pouring Festival . Here appears the Holy Trinity , which is important for the Christian revelation . The Holy Spirit , Pentecost incarnated apostles remained indissoluble unity with the Church , its sacraments by making them real and true in its training . Christian Pentecost Christian Church considers birthday . History of the Church of Pentecost rituals of its significance got pretty late, 425 . in this event was introduced as a separate celebrates the day . The Bible tells us that the day of Pentecost, Jesus' disciples were gathered when upon them the Holy Spirit was poured . House where they were sitting , . . ) And tongues of fire appeared . . Storm and fire expresses the changes are caused by the Holy Spirit . Through the Holy Spirit reveals God's activity in the world , through the Holy Spirit, we receive the forgiveness of sins . The Holy Spirit brings people together , bind Christians to the Christian community and brings the power of preaching . Pentecost event means that the Church is not built an organization of people , but the Holy Spirit inspire a community of people who come together in churches , serve and show others about Christ, not obligation, but because it is the people's spiritual beliefs and faith . Holy Spirit and Pentecost symbol is a white dove that descends on us from the sky . Tapping its wings symbolizes the fact that the each person's personal life is no other than the power of the spirit of God's spirit . Pentecost churches vary usable liturgical color . Holy Spirit, the red color is used on Pentecost . From Easter, churches altārpārsegos , Stoles and other liturgical objects were dominated by white color , but the next Sunday after Pentecost and of All Souls Day fall liturgical churches using the green color . Latvians have long been associated with Pentecost Meij smell . Sounds like a Midsummer boughs ( live plants with flowers ) , as well as the boughs Pentecost ( live plants without flowers ) . According to the Latvian tradition the day before Pentecost, all clean and suitable for bouquets wall, spruce up the rooms, sweep yards, embellished house . The rooms are introduced into the birches and lilac . Nature has opened all its glorious loveliness , Pentecost will always be welcomed with a clear, warm and nice time . Belief has it that the thunder before Pentecost, pointing to upcoming warm summer . Today we celebrate Pentecost and according to Christian tradition , or to march to the special mass in his church, and a hiking off the summer by organizing a picnic with family and friends . Pentecost falls on time, at the height of flowering rape and lilac , and the day can be filled with a trip to admire the canola fields and izsmaržot lilac gardens Zemgales side . .

Pentecost / Celebration traditions

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