Baltic Unity Day / Celebration traditions
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Baltic Unity Day / Celebration traditions

White units dienaBaltu unit event takes place to commemorate the 1236. of 22 . September history of the white nations - Lithuanians and Zemgalians solar battle defeating the Order of the Sword . 13, . century the Crusaders invaded the Baltic countries of Western Europe - and the Order of the bishop , managed to Estonian and local land, as well as most of the lands in Latgale , Turn 13 . century 30 . years conquered the course and Vidzeme . 1236 . The widely Crusader armies impatient craving raid and loot arrived in Riga , loot and burn planned in Zemaisu lands , so 2000 - 3000 troops preparing to conquer Lithuania . But Zemaisu was setters plan to defeat the German - given that the weight of a soldier's armor surpassed 150 kilograms , the Crusaders were surrounded by horses in a swampy area , where they would be harder to fight . 22, . September, when the Crusaders wanted to leave the camp , it turned out that it is surrounded Lithuanian - it either marauders had no other choice but to fight for quite a disadvantage in . Lithuanians also joined the fight Semigallians , armed with swords , spears , bows and battle axes . Horses are killed or they become stranded swamp armed crusaders became infantry , heavy armor which also prevents escape . Lithuanians managed to kill about 50 of the Order of brothers . History is no consensus among researchers on the battlefield venue - some argue that chronicles the sun is Vecsaule near Bauska after the other in the mind - that place is Siauliai in Lithuania . Although information about the histories of these events is not complete , it is clear that the Lithuanians and Semigallians joined the fight against the crusaders in other battles . 1973 . year, honoring the history of white people , near Siauliai in Lithuania to the sun- Battle Monument . As noted, various commemorative events take place on that date, the district Joniškis Lithuania Battle of the Sun at the memorial stone and Latvian , speaking at events Latvian and Lithuanian government officials and diplomats . Events are said oration on white peoples of Europe , artistes, Latvian and Lithuanian folk dances, folk songs sung . .

Baltic Unity Day / Celebration traditions

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