Jacob's / Celebration traditions
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Jacob's / Celebration traditions

Jacob's Jacob's - day each year to mark the 24. in July , it was considered the most important and the day of celebration in July . Since Jacob was in charge mainly of barley and rye harvest industrious of the hosts on that day was already put on the table a loaf of homemade bread . To do this, between neighbors often have even been some very fierce emulous who first sowed , and cut the nokuls cereals to Jacob's day with baked bread to feast not only for his family but also to neighbors . What to eat : baked bread and Caras . On this day it began to eat the young apples , and boiled new rye porridge and soup with new potatoes and Swede . Beliefs : When Jacob a clear day - will be a bumper harvest . If Jacob's day is warm and bright , it will be a cold Christmas . If James 's Day falls on a new moon , rye sow the new seed , if a month old - the old . Jacob's day may not carry the hay in the barn , then it burns and spoils . If Jacob's day a lot of clouds around the sun , winter is rich in snow . Folk festivals : Blank and poor janit 's came , yet emptier Little Peter , Jēkabiņš , rich man , It Rudzīši it Miezīši . .

Jacob's / Celebration traditions

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