Slavs / Usine / Celebration traditions
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Slavs / Usine / Celebration traditions

Slavs / ŪsiņiJurģu day is 23. April - this day considered as the vernal and summer home to the ancient Latvians tried on that date at least for a short time to skip out animals - it was the first watch day after the winter . That day our forefathers were unique in the fact that the slaves were able to terminate contracts with their hosts and look for another home , where to serve . If Slavs iegadījās Saturday , it was considered that the new site will be the servants ' residence . Similarly, tradition held that the first entry to the hosts, the house was logged in the morning part, but running away without saying goodbye , because otherwise the new location will not be happy . However, if someone is going to a new location , the old left neslaucītu believed that it leaves kept his blessing . The room was swept and new homes entering that there is no other home for jāķildojas . Another custom was that if a house servant into a white horse , the year he married . Also around this time started spring plowing work , which meant yet another addition to the usual meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner - Afternoon Tea . This day honors the patron of horses , referred to as the Slavs , Juri , Gurgi , Usini or Reference . Elders , he was also the god of light , the giver of life , as well as domestic policy maker . Ūsiiņš is also a horse rider Solar , Solar boat helmsman and a servant of the Sun . As usin allowed to donate only respected , it can be concluded that he had exalted god . Perhaps that is why he is also called dainas adores . One of the most important days for Yuri's traditions provided the incubus demons and healing out of the house, but just as prevalent was the rooster slaughter to promote the well-being of the household . At the same time believed that the flax seeding day , but could not do any work - not knit for horned sheep is born lambs , or of winding yarn that cows are not afraid , nor curse or fight - the thunder Pērkondienā nenosper . What to eat : Yuri's day brews beer slaughtered pig , rooster , boiled eggs and baked cakes . Just eat beets, carrots, swedes and potatoes , as well as meat to be sufficient for the complete year . Beliefs : Yuri's day should not be strangers to give anything to be with you neaiznestu home blessing . Yuri's day sweet porridge cook , the home will be harmony . Yuri's day jādzen animals for the first time in the field , they all summer resistant . If Jurgis frost at night , then early autumn frosts come . If the cuckoo before JURGO Kuko will warm spring . Folk festivals : Jurgita rode Yuri naktiSirmu , funeral Kumeliņš , had to ' good Vasariņa , Kumeliņš barībiņa . .

Slavs / Usine / Celebration traditions

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