Candlemas day / Celebration traditions
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Candlemas day / Celebration traditions

Candle dienaSveču days per year notes 2. February , although this was not an ancient day of celebration , but a significant date since domestic . This day is also called Svecaini , Grabenīcu and Winter Mara . On this day it ended Christmas time and the beginning of early spring . Given that candlelight was considered the most luxurious of the illuminations were separate works that date should be , and such - are ordered from . One of the required tasks to be accomplished was the candles because it was believed that the two . February shed light candles and burn brightly - ancient Latvians candles were made from sheep fat and wax , while the wick with a cotton thread . For women , this is a holiday that should not comb your hair or not to boil the cabbage and the needle lift to the hair does not stand as candles , cabbage grows and poverty nedur . Also refrained from spinning to sheep turning round . What to eat : the day of Candlemas ancient Latvians Gruden ate a pig ear , as well as boiled pig head side of beans and Caras . Should not eat cooked cabbage , considering that in that case they will grow long and worm-eaten . If one of the namamātēm had nothing to bake, place them in the oven was a bit of meat or flour to smell spreading through the room . Also found that young people in this day eat cranberries to enhance the beauty, the joy of attracting a lot of laugh . Believed that whoever this day more mielosies and laugh in the new year will live a decent and happy . Beliefs : Candle laugh a day , year-round cheerful mind and have a good year . If Candlemas Day foggy , rainy summer will . Candlemas day cook pork , piglets to be obese . Candlemas day be poured candles to light and economical blaze . Day of Candlemas thick porridge boil the milk will be thick as cream . Folk festivals : Throughout the year, the money stock, Candlemas day waiting ; Well the day came candles , Well some money to spend . .

Candlemas day / Celebration traditions

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