Lacplesis Day / Celebration traditions
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Lacplesis Day / Celebration traditions

Lacplesis dienaIk 11 years. Notes November 1919 . the events of the Latvian army defeated Bermont led by German and Russian White Guard forces in Riga , releasing the left bank of Daugava . 1919 . of 8 . Riga attacked the morning of October 50, 000 -strong army of Bermont - they had 100 guns , 50 mortars, 600 machine guns , 120 planes, three armored trains and ten armored cars . Army plans included the attack on Riga , as well as the intention to overthrow the Latvian and Estonian governments to turn these states on Russia's provinces with limited autonomy without the right to keep his troops, with full restoration of all privileges of the nobility in the Baltic . Bermont army through Jurmala Olaine and Kekava broke the Latvian capital , forcing the Latvian troops to depart on the other side of Daugava . Bemonta against the forces currently face could only 11,5 thousand men , which had nine guns , 23 machine guns , two planes, one armored train and three armored cars . in Riga the soldiers reached only 5,000 soldiers . On the night of 10 . October Latvian soldiers were forced to leave Pārdaugava as a result of temporary government was forced to flee to Cesis , but Juglas side flowed thousands of refugees . Started Latvian national upsurge - homeland came to the rescue of thousands of volunteer soldiers , establishing a strong defensive army . Latvian citizens - both with differing political views and beliefs and life experiences agreed to the enemy , forgetting the differences between the ruling . Since the initiative was taken over in fights should not linger at the moment - hence the Latvian soldiers took Bolderāja and Daugavgrīva fortress with 500 prisoners . Meanwhile, the iron bridge over the Pārdaugava singing ' Div ' dove ' battle went on around a hundred volunteer soldiers , none of whom did not return alive . I zšķirošais attack occurred 3 . For the battle against Bermont Army took 18 Latvian battalions and one squadron with 31 cannon . For comparison - Bermont had 20 battalions , 5 squadron and 65 guns . Rezekne Regiment, who gave the main shock , the evening before the day had already taken steers island Babītes station , Pink and estates . Exactly a week later , the Latvian army ģenerāluzbrukums . Riga regiment during Zasu managed to take the field, but Sigulda regiment - Tornakalns and cementfabriku . The next day the capital was free , the soldiers taking the line Vecdubulti - Stopiņi - Ķekava . As noted, Latvian Republic during the day when it was released in Riga, began to be called Lacplesis Day . For victory over Bermont army heralded the Riga church bells, while the Latvian fallen heroes was laid in the Cemetery near Latvian riflemen , who are fighting for their homeland gave their lives during World War I. . Every year 11 . For the Cemetery , as well as at the Freedom Monument is shunted flowers, say oration , commemorative events and moments of silence . The biggest church services are held , followed by a military parade and ceremony godasardzes change at Riga Castle . Cinemas are showing Lacplesis daily historical events devoted to film , as well as other thematic events organized . .

Lacplesis Day / Celebration traditions

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