Mara Spring Day / Celebration traditions
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Mara Spring Day / Celebration traditions

Mara Spring dienaNeskatoties the fact that the Latvian public holidays to the list of already Mara day, every 25 years. March is worshiped Mara Spring . This day also known as the Kāpostnīcu , Mara beasts or Awakening Day . This Day symbolically marks the time when the winter begins to wake up sleeping animals , insects . It was considered that in this day get up early to make the most of the wild animals that spend the winter sleep , it does not return to sleep, which is 25 . For the last one standing up at the top . Also beliefs said that Mara Spring morning jāmazgājas spring water before sunrise in order to have good health and strong , while the face color - white . Given that it is also called the beast day should not be left unattended and livestock - were swept barn and stables ceilings and walls, the animals are protected from the intrusive flies in the summer heat . While the home should not have anything to bring the forest to avoid snakes . To thrive in apples, that date is decorated with apple and other trees must not be cut or sawed or cut , because 25 . March - Mara day they are feeling the pain that they have suffered . About Kāpostnīcu this day called because custom requires that 25 . For not sweep the room , and no sew and knit for cabbage worms neizgrauztu . At the same time they also had a fire festival in honor of the fire first supper in the sun light, symbolically allowing it to relax after a long and dark winter evenings . In addition, fire nededza up for the next holiday - Lawrence day , considering that otherwise rye blowing . What to eat : Mara's Day holiday tablecloth -clad table had to be Mara's colors - white or black . Table laid in the water pretzels , various dairy foods - milk dumpling soup . Beliefs : Mara's daughters ŽAGARE evening to sleep for the guys to come over the summer . If Mara night and the day is clear, and the day the sun shines , it will be a fruitful year and a good harvest? . If Mara night freezing cold even forty nights . If Mara day bundles of tin will be a good head of cabbage . Mara day filings carry on the loft , then a lot of chicken eggs ties . Folk festivals : did not sleep all night , Mara morning while waiting , to bear celdamiesSavu sleep did not return . .

Mara Spring Day / Celebration traditions

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