Victims of Communist Terror Memorial Day / Celebration traditions
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Victims of Communist Terror Memorial Day / Celebration traditions

Victims of Communist Terror Memorial dienaKomunistiskā genocide victims Latvian mentions twice a year - 25. March 14 . June, when from their homes and homeland exile was removed many thousands of Latvian . Many of them , including women, old men and children in their native Latvian never returned - some emaciation and died in concentration camps and fortifications of life , part - remained forever in Siberian Snows , where were deported . For example, the night of 1941 . of 13 . to 14 . June, your Fatherland, were forced to abandon more than 15 000 Latvian citizens , but in 1949 . of 25 . March - about 44 000 Latvian citizens . The first deportation - 1941 . The men were separated from women and children , some of whom later shot part - tortured in prison . Often, children were separated from mothers and fathers . 1949 . On the way deportation to Siberia in severe conditions and have failed the way the drivers became seriously ill and died , many deportees , including , in particular, elderly people and children . 25 . March and 14 . June Latvian celebrated calendar is sad day when the flags are decorated with mourning ribbons , and sent to relatives , sending experienced at home and returned to the people as well as other people mentioned events and no real political currency in the victims compatriots and their harsh . Forever Siberian taiga snow and sent out people to the memory of Latvian symbol of freedom - the Freedom Monument is shunted flowers, lighted candles in the Cemetery , but there have been churches and churches in prayer and concerts . As noted, each year, deported and perished mentions the station . March and 14 . For thousands of homes expel trembled people packed into cattle cars , launched a torturous road to Siberia . The victims of the Soviet regime , railway station in 1989 . was a memorial stone . Many years later - in 2008 . of 14 . For the installation of a new memorial ensemble . Of tinted concrete a monument looks like a stylized car of the train and the barracks wall synthesis, created by artist Aivars Vīlipsons . Monument to the top of the window created - through the visible sky and fading into the distance railway lines . At the monument every year a remembrance keepsake Donation . Anyone with a foreign country lost a relative or friend, or harassed by fellow harsh fate may participate in processions from the Freedom Monument to the Brethren Cemetery . In the evenings, the largest churches in Riga and Riga Dome Church is prayer and memorial concerts, integral parts of speculations familiar cantata , . Remembrance to commemorate Latvian history as the tragic events , and participate in a wreath at the monument placed in the highest levels of government and foreign diplomats . .

Victims of Communist Terror Memorial Day / Celebration traditions

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