Krustības / Celebration traditions
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Krustības / Celebration traditions

KrustībasKrustības , also known as baptism , but an ancient - krustabas the first lifetime major festival , during which a person is given the name. In the past, giving the name attributed to the child's admission to the native . The honor of the name comes from the word . From this expression originated in such expressions as godfather , godmother , godchild , nephew , niece , and also the same name of the holiday - krustības , krustabas . It arises from the godparents promise to the cross - to protect the children , take care of it . Krustībās normally be krustāmais child ( an ancient called PADI ) , uncle ( the great godparent or truck ) , aunt ( or the name of the great godparent godparent ) , child carrier , nanny ( nesējīša ), other relatives ( small Qom) , the other guests . Today the range of guest krustībās largely unchanged from ancient times to today 's parents have a much greater role in these Godos than in the past , even when the parents have not participated in the child's choice of words . They also played a minor role krustību process where the majority of tasks undertaken godparents - their selection is very important , because it is the godfather and godmother will be those who will take care of the child 's parents in case of injury . Godparents to krustībām was richly dressed for the small baby would be a luxurious life , and godparents in preparation for the celebrations, was preferable to borrow something for a child over a lifetime would not be something that must be sought from other . Krustību guests moved over to visit in the morning and in the village of bribes and gifts of little baby . Celebrations begun with a quick meal , all were filled quickly to grow Pade industrious woman , and a lot of each other nesarunājoties to avoid large rag . After supper, the baby is dressed up and transported to the Mara church or a natural sanctuary where krustāmajam step helps your child 's name . In addition, the parents of the nature sanctuary godparents do not go up , but remain at home . After krustīšanas going home , where they are waiting for the child's parents and other household members , followed by a dance godparents of children on their hands or ancient middle called the Pade dīdīšanu . This dance is a ritual significance to the child through dance give to good manners and happy destiny . Krustību first day ends with a feast before the aunt breaks bread , izlūdzoties baby blessing of God . The dinner was followed by dancing and chaffing . If a boy is born , the room is pušķota with oak branches, the girl - with lime- twigs or mint . Krustību second day the child is taken care of cradle , which according to ancient traditions did the godfather godmother . It was braided from broad lime peel strips of cane or wicker . Cradle lines emerged from the tow or flax , but adversity made ​​of oak, ash or lime- . Children for the first time putting the cradle , she placed the stone in order to deceive the envious and prevent them . After his mother put a gift inside and then laid in the cradle of the child . The Godfather is invited to the first of his waiting for the money, but the aunt of the baby's cradle to the other , waiting for a shawl , a shirt or other apparel . Other men met money, while women clothes , wreaths , or other items . Once the child is gifted and good wishes to tell guests are headed home . Godparents , the child's divorce , sing lullabies and sleep peacefully exhorts . What to eat : Krustību supper eat white food - white bread , cheese , drink milk for a child to have a good and bright future . Beliefs : a woman can not be the first time for the girl 's godmother , man - boy , because it could not be so quick to marry . One- parent children baptized in one shirt , so that all lovingly living . Children krustījot make the present morsel of bread , money, and in God , so that the child 's life would be wealthy and wise . This water, which the child baptized , you need to pour in a quiet place where people walk . If the baby is a girl - under the linden, the boy - under an oak . Then the child grows strong, healthy and beautiful . In the meantime, while the girl baptized , the mother in the house to do a variety of women's work - then the girl will be neat and industrious woman . If the boy baptism - male father work work him to be industrious . Folk festivals : Kūmām walking along the threshold of the lens , lens of the house soon , soon the room , to my pādīte for the walk, the walk in front of , for the speech front of mother crumb read . .

Krustības / Celebration traditions

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