Ash Wednesday / Celebration traditions
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Ash Wednesday / Celebration traditions

Ash dienaPelnu day is the day after Shrove Tuesday , the ancient time the census began in New Year. These days, the name derives from the ashes ierušinātas fire that was needed , the ancient Latvians Clearing and burning new fields, which enrich the fields , thus expanding the farm . This work was adult men , so that day also associated with an adult son and a young guy leaving in adult life . Consequently 'm used to it that it was Ash Wednesday associated with the establishment of a new holding that the owner was, moreover, the day when slaves were allowed to change . Since the eighth century , arrival of Christianity , this day has become a seven- week-long fasting and repentance before the start of Easter, believers often in this day Kaiso himself to the head of the ashes . What to eat : Traditionally eaten on Ash cakes and Caras . Beliefs : If sown ash field , next summer will be a good harvest . If anything on Ash leads the field at home, tag switches mouse . On Ash not spin for Lambs neklīstu . On Ash Jatin large and solid ball of yarn , the summer grows hard and heavy cabbagehead and large fries . Livestock jākaisa feather ashes , they summer flies and horseflies bite . Folk festivals : Shrove Tuesday 's sucked into a corner , waiting for Ash Wednesday , when came to Ash Wednesday , ashes SED bag . .

Ash Wednesday / Celebration traditions

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