Remembrance Day of the Barricade in 1991 / Celebration traditions
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Remembrance Day of the Barricade in 1991 / Celebration traditions

1991. On Remembrance of the Barricade dienaBarikāžu defenders Remembrance Day is marked 20 . January every year to commemorate the 1991 . of 13 . January events and honor the people who , against the aggression of the Soviet troops took part in the largest demonstration in the history of Latvian . Barricades turnout is estimated at 700 000 people, despite the freezing temperatures and cold from all corners of the Latvian rushed to Riga to protest against the threat of Soviet aggression in the Baltic States . Of all Latvian regions to the capital of people arriving from the following manifestations remained in Riga , gathered apparlamenta buildings , government buildings , radio and television buildings to build barricades . Farmers traveled to the capital with heavy agricultural machinery , while Members of Parliament continuously resided in the house to prevent the Supreme Council of termination . Soviet military special forces 1991 . of 20 . January took the Latvian Interior Ministry , leading to the firing of the same heart of the capital as a result of a number of people lost their lives . As noted, every year in memory of those who perished at the barricades and 1991 . January suffered by the Latvian people congregate at that time so the important places in the Old Town Bastejkalns Daugava and Zakusala , as well as elsewhere , and bonfires to revitalize , recalling and future generations by transferring the memory of that time experienced and felt . In this day of history museums are interested can watch documentaries about the events, the cemetery to lay flowers freedom fighters , members participate barricades commemorative events , ceremonial bonfires lighting up the building of Parliament , Cathedral Square, and lay flowers at the Freedom Monument and . .

Remembrance Day of the Barricade in 1991 / Celebration traditions

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