The Jewish Genocide Commemoration Day of Victims / Celebration traditions
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The Jewish Genocide Commemoration Day of Victims / Celebration traditions

The Jewish Genocide Commemoration Day This Memorial Day each year notes 4. In July, commemorating the date of the events in 1941 . year, when it was burnt down in the Riga Jewish synagogue Gogol Street to the imprisoned people without . Statistics show that the Latvian Jews lived for 18 . Century - 1728 . year of the 19 families , or about 60 people, while in 1811 . year - already 736 Jews . while the 1897 . The Latvian living in 142 000 Jews . The First World War the number of Latvia fell by nearly half , but on the eve of the Second World War amounted to 100,000 . Although Jews and other minorities also suffered from Stalin's repressions , especially in Nazi Germany was cruel treatment . National Socialist ideology Jews were considered the main enemies of the Germanic race . The ideology provided the Jews , Gypsies , long a patient , low-value Asian, members of communist organizations and anti-social elements , summary disposal . 1941 . the end of June, German troops occupied Riga , began the cruel extermination of the Jews . They were arrested , shot , and sent to concentration camps . These shares within the year 4 . For Gogol Street synagogue , many Jews were burnt life . For example, until 1941 . of 9 . November Daugavpils three days was nošauti1134 Jews in Riga - 27 800 , while in Liepaja - 2350 people . Adding to the more than 300 Jews , Latvians hidden by sympathetic German occupation all the time , survived only a small percentage of Jews - a bit more than a thousand . As noted, against the Jewish people -facing repression victims every year 4 . For the people mentioned in Riga , Gogol Street at Memorial Jewish Genocide Victims . At the same time this day is honored and all Jewish rescuers peers who , at the risk of their own lives in their own homes hidden Jews . Such people on the occasion of the synagogue ruins discovered near a monument on which immortalized the names of 270 people who rescued the death of more than 400 Jewish . Remembrance participate in the event and all interested people and those it does not leave indifferent weather events and the highest officials , representatives of foreign embassies and Jewish community leaders . .

The Jewish Genocide Commemoration Day of Victims / Celebration traditions

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