Evening / Celebration traditions
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Evening / Celebration traditions

VakarēšanaVakarēšana the rest of vakarošanu was called , was a gathering of people , especially in the autumn half of the winter, when the big farm work rendered and relaxed evenings which can be spent , for example, neighbors , acquaintances . Place where the Supper , selected in advance , the most common places for such meetings served barn or bath . Such measures have been of a different nature - a serious pursuit , quiet meeting, the narratives , essays and songs , as well as fun, with songs , dances and games . People participated in these gatherings of about five and a maximum of ten families . For example, the evening get , which was devoted to the work , often participated as women to be smooth bend dowry or take other choices in our daily chores - sewing , knitting , spin , while more men singing and playing music the . Supper was a special event that motivated to work , learn something new , get advice from others, show others the fact that , although it had a major role in current affairs discussion , negotiation . Garments which have been mentioned during the evening get dough , recite tales and legends, as well as various stories . Evening work is not only to entertain but also to instruct , to advise , educate, and the various farm -related matters, and women home economics and other fields . With years of Supper replaced the party in the pub , as well as honors from the party today is not very different , being careful how they spent what pranks they made . .

Evening / Celebration traditions

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