Restoration of Latvian Independence Day / Celebration traditions
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Restoration of Latvian Independence Day / Celebration traditions

Restoration of Latvian independence dienaŠī holiday is celebrated annually 21. August recalling 1991 . the events of the Latvian Supreme Council adopted a law on the status of Latvian Republic , thus declaring the country's independence de facto . in 1985 when . of 11 . March of the new Soviet leaders were elected at the time the young Mikhail Gorbachev , the Soviet Union joined the new perestroika , or rebuilding the course relevant to a democracy and openness breezes bringing in the Baltic countries' policy . As such, 1987 . of 14 . June - 1941 . On the anniversary of deportation of flowers at the Freedom Monument put human rights group . The same year, 23 . For the group of activists organized a protest at the Freedom Monument , and even after such shares , 18 . For the Freedom Monument was surrounded by a lot of militiamen , people are no longer so were not afraid to put the mast sarkanbaltsarkanos flags, light candles and lay flowers to the people in the main memorials . As time goes by official authorities allowed a Latvian flag and flowers in memorial sites , and no obstacles were put in the demonstrations by the people of significant historical dates . 1989 . was adopted in May Language Law , which declared the Latvian language Latvian state language , but in late July , the Law on State sovereignty and the economic sustainability of . 1989 . of 23 . For all three countries took unprecedented action - people sadošanās hands , forming the Baltic Way , PPSRS Government expressed sharp criticism of the . in 1991 . January OMON fighters crossed the attack , taking the Latvian Ministry of Interior , as well as during the campaign, killing several people began Latvian freedom struggle culminated - was built barricades . Only the 21 . For the Supreme Council finally announced that Latvia is an independent democratic republic in which the sovereign power belongs to the people, the state is to be determined in 1922 . of 15 . The constitution adopted in February . As noted, each year 21 . For the major denominational churches is leading an ecumenical worship and intercession of Latvia, as well as the laying of flowers at the Freedom Monument, the highest government officials and foreign diplomats in attendance . Similarly, activity in which the then Supreme Council Members who so many years ago voted for Latvian independence . Throughout the day, the major theaters, concert halls and civic centers held a solemn events and concerts by local artists in . These concerts on neizpaliek well known Latvian composers Play . .

Restoration of Latvian Independence Day / Celebration traditions

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