Easter / Celebration traditions
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Easter / Celebration traditions

Easter is the spring solstice. They mark the point spring when the future course of time the earth around the sun day light on the rise and the darkness of night - fall , the day has become longer than the night . Introductory Easter Holy Week with Palm Sunday , the Green Thursday , Good Friday , the Pacific on Saturday , followed by Easter . Today, the Christian tradition is intertwined with ancient traditions . Easter celebration associated with the ritual , when people wake up to the ground and help promote its blessings , as well as related to weather divination , fertility and health outcomes . On the Sunday before Easter is Palm Sunday or Pūpolnīca , in accordance with Latvian folk traditions even one of the people in the house early in the morning to get up and jānoper Palm ŽAGARIŅI other dwelling houses , counting : Pūpols , Pūpols - round the Pūpols , Healthy . Maundy Thursday is said to clean the house, throw away all that accumulated over the winter redundant , then home for the whole year will be clean . But according to the beliefs should not bring anything home naturally picked for insects and reptiles summer nenomoka . Good Friday in the garden of fruit trees can hang yarn kamolīšus for the year should be a bumper harvest . Good Friday to prepare for Easter, look for the swing carding place and avoid walking in villages . Easter morning is to get up before sunrise and mouth should be washed under running water to the sun . It is a magical ritual of purification , which helps to get the liveliness, a bright mind, health and beauty . If Christmas all wear clean clothes , the Easter clothe itself a whole new outfit . Easter is the most important meal of breakfast , so brokastgalds applied with a special care . Tablecloth makes a yellow or green . Puts on the table a vase with willow , birch branches into bloom with the first spring flowers - wood anemones , sniegpulkstenītēm , crocus , narcisēm . Our forefathers had the Easter meal is much scarcer than at Christmas, as part of the Spring party has run out of stock for winter . Dishes are mainly from cereals and milk . Easter specials are round , solar symbols depict : boiled eggs, peas and cake or cake . Easter eating peas , one can get wealth , riches . Egg painting , eating, and hanging swing and sway the major traditions of Easter . The simplest and most common way is to dye eggs to boil them through the winter sakrātajās onionskin , subject to a new birch leaves , meal , wrapped in colored cloth wrapped round with worsted , etc. . Eggs can be put in the water, which boiled beets, St. John's , blueberries or Aronijas , alder bark, chamomile and other natural materials . Today, the store can be purchased in natural and synthetic food colors . Symbols of Easter egg and bunny we know today came from pagan traditions - the egg as the sun and the new life , but the bunny - a symbol of wealth and fertility . Christianity egg meaning of Christ 's resurrection , overcoming all obstacles ( rolled away the stone from the tomb ) , like the chick hatching from an egg shell at overcoming resistance . Eating eggs need to grow up round the egg, it also applies to existing farm animals , animals . The first Easter egg eating, not to scratch because every scratch disease meant . Who eats eggs without salt , in the summer a lot of lies . To nepārsprāgtu eggs by boiling , not to talk and laugh . Easter eggs associated with a lot of tradition and play . A subsidiary of eggs for guys swinging the floured rolling with eggs varies . Can not do without pumping with eggs . Each get their eggs and imagine a wish . Then crush the eggs with the top ends together . Having an egg does not break , the wish come true , but the broken egg is returned to the strongest egg holder . roll Easter is a magical ritual that symbolically mimics the sun and swaying dancošanu Easter morning . And the above is swinging , the better the yield would be expected to . Jāšūpojas also in the summer mosquitoes nekostu . Easter izšūpoja first home owner and mistress . Hanging on the swing guys got a pair of gloves , or beer , etc. . Rocked all three of Easter , and often weeks after the . After Easter swing usually destroys and burns to where the witches would not sway . The Christian Church celebrates Easter as the resurrection of Christ - the most important and most pleasurable and church events . Christianity entered Holy Week Easter - 40 days of Lent lasted climax , which is mentioned in the suffering and death of Christ . Each day this week until Easter is of particular importance . Christians around the world Maundy Thursday is the day of creation of the Last Supper , so people with special fervor to go to Communion . The main event is Maundy Thursday Jesus and his disciples Last Supper . It is what this day is celebrated all over the world . On this day people do not seek to emphasize its size and bezgrēcību - this is a quiet time for reflection , self- evaluation time . Maundy Thursday liturgical color is white . Good Friday is the day when Jesus was crucified . Jesus was ridiculed and stigmatized , closest friends passed . With a crown of thorns on his head he goes to Calvary , bearing his cross . Jesus ' Passion , roving darken , probably it can be called a battle with evil - by his own suffering Jesus frees all of humanity from the power of sin . On this day the ruling is purple , suffering color . quiet Saturday is the same for all of the quieter days of Holy Week . The day when Christ rested in the tomb . His disciples had fled in fear . Christ's grave in front of a large stone aizvelts . Churches of the present day does not sound organ and silent calls . After midnight , lighting up all the lights are bright and the beginning of Easter or the resurrection of Christ the Lord - small Easter . Easter is celebrated in honor of Jesus Christ's resurrection , which is the oldest Christian holiday and declares that death is not the end , but the beginning of a new life beyond the grave . This event is the victory over sin , death, gives people the hope of eternal life . Easter celebration is to call people to make the change , better , apgarotākiem . .

Easter / Celebration traditions

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