Andrejdiena / Celebration traditions
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Andrejdiena / Celebration traditions

AndrejdienaAndreja Day is celebrated every 30 years. November , and it is considered the last of the late night . Probably because of the holidays in the evening various long and carried by the ghosts gifts . Other times around the block Andréa started doubling time . New subsidiaries and guys like Autumn Festival , gone the Roma, as well as the future of the blue sap . What to eat : this day slaughtered rooster, as well as barley eaten with pork . Tellers Andrew's daughters on the day put the cherry twigs in water and imagine the next groom . If the cherry blossoms before Christmas , imagined groom will be the next man . Andrew evening boil chicken egg, must be cut lengthwise in half and put the envisaged secretly pillow - it would be able to placate . Daughters jānoada new pair of gloves , no time to hand neuzvelkot and Andrew's night, put pillow . What a dream gloves will it marry . In the evening a pleasant guy to be cut from his pants button and trīsdeviņas times the wear over a black cat 's back, then the button again jāpiešuj -old - then obtains the guy for her husband . Andrew placed under the pillow at night apple, which cut in the number of boys names . Morning after you wake up , immediately jākož apple . Let alone chew , it's the right . Holidays folk : Martin good fellow man , bridge pushed , Katrina , skins , Izārdīja , Andrew , wise man , skins aizsaldēja . .

Andrejdiena / Celebration traditions

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