Mother's Day / Celebration traditions
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Mother's Day / Celebration traditions

Mother dienaŠie festivities celebrated annually on the second Sunday of May , the young Latvian to the world has been pointed out already in 1907. In May , when the tradition established American Anna Jarvis . During the Soviet times, Mother's Day in celebrating International Women's Day , which is also currently 8 notes . March . The new holiday in our calendar included only since 1989 . annual . Mother's Day tradition is native to the U.S., where Anna Jarvis to honor their 1906 . of 8 . May the dead mother, established the following holidays . 1907 . May she first such event took place in a quiet atmosphere with friends . American had the idea that this day would mark the other , so in 1908 . she called to participate in the local church congregation and the community as a whole . This idea of ​​people catching on , so in 1914 . in America it has been declared an official holiday . However, the Latvian officially celebrated this day since 1992 . year , while 20 . and 30 . years, Latvian and family celebrated Mother's Day, the belief that a strong family is the direct parent merit . As noted, widespread tradition of Mother's Day was going to the church , where iets childhood with his mother to the church altar lay flowers that thanks to his mother for bringing up . Similarly, Mother's Day is celebrated in Sweden , Denmark and other countries where the festival notes mostly in churches . Latvian mother's day mothers are donated flowers , gifts, greetings and spoken words of thanks for the gift of life , education, presence and advice when needed . Furthermore, of those whose mothers have passed away already passed away , going to the cemetery to lay flowers and light the candles . .

Mother's Day / Celebration traditions

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