New Year / Celebration traditions
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New Year / Celebration traditions

New Year - it is true that these celebrations of all , each also has its own New Year's Eve traditions. Ievēlēties desire , expect richer than previous year . People use different symbols to denote prosperity , good luck , love and harmony in the family . Today, every family will follow the tradition of welcoming the New Year , some are inherited from our ancestors , some permeates most recently, while others are developing their own . Adorn the Christmas tree with colorful decorations , candles , Lietutiņš , and even colored glass balls have been replacing the apples and nuts, tree branches , candles in increasingly use electric lights garlands and trees also are increasingly artificial pušķojam - our expectations . Tradition to give gifts at New Year - is the most widespread and also more pleasant . No matter from where the gifts are taken - brings the island 's father , the good fairy , buying supermarket or mak-ing their own hands . Lately, the two are tied together in our celebration , the western world , the new year in the east - Chinese or Japanese . Despite the date mismatch in eastern new year occurs a month and a half later , this tradition everyone loves . There is however a very interesting display of the current beast coming - rukšķināt pig year in the expectation put on costumes with bright feathers rooster year, or ' horns impose . Who is pie with coins will be rich with salt, it will have challenges with sugar - sweet life . Others are convinced that the new year is certainly await wearing brand new clothes - health . And why not? . It is safe to say - the family , as tradition . When you hear Kurant be elected in elections , some even manage to , as long as the clock hit twelve , write your wish on paper, burn , ashes to eat and drink champagne ! And to deny there who looks at the yearly ' Fate . And Rosol - this was already telling jokes , but when it is on the table Do not apply all feel that somehow are still short ! Whatever your New Year's traditions, they have one goal - to create a festive atmosphere , fun for you and your loved ones . .

New Year / Celebration traditions

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