Days of Mara / Celebration traditions
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Days of Mara / Celebration traditions

25. March, when according to our calendar Mara and Ladybirds celebrated name day is celebrated in Mara Spring Day in honor of spring awakening . Winter Sleigh replaced trolleys , the land becomes warm , the stiffness of the awakening animals and insects begin life processes in forests and fields . Mara's Day tradition is based on ancient beliefs with the central underlying - along with the awakening of nature bustling life stage to start the common ground . Mara days of our forefathers were four : Winter Mara or Candlemas Day ( 2 . February) , spring cabbage , or Mara Mara (25 . March ), Summer Mara (15 . August) and Autumn Mara (8 . September) . On these days there are many beliefs , mainly on weather monitoring and other related matters of economic well-being . Mara is sometimes seen as the Christian faith famous Virgin Mary , and the perception is that these holidays have entered the Christian feast in honor of the Virgin Mary . For example, Candlemas Day is also called the purification feast of Mary , the Church and the liturgy of this day is called the Lord planting day because on this day the Blessed Virgin Mary , purgatory satisfaction of the Law . For the Catholic Church celebrates the Virgin Mary Celebration . The Mara Spring day is also called the Cabbage Mara , Marina , beasts Mara , Herb day , Mara Spring , Kāpostnīcu or Aizgavēni . Although Mara's Day is a day of cabbage , cabbage eaten that day was not to be , the better to enjoy dairy foods , eat porridge for breakfast . Like other public holidays not work , only allowed to clean the house chimneys . After Mara Spring day be judged and on the upcoming spring and summer , such as the night before Mara's days are cold - all in the spring will be cold . Mara's Day is based on an old cabbage day when it was time to sow cabbage seedlings . When Mara day celebrated according to the old Julian calendar , it fell 7 . in April, and the old belief of today's point of view , it was understood . However, when it introduced the new Gregorian , it seemed a bit strange , because 25 . March is often the fields still covered with snow . Why in this day talks about sowing cabbage ? . Already in the autumn cabbage seed pulled out by the roots , and laid in the basement . Cabbage Mara day to cabbagehead had developed seeds . Mara day at the ceiling hung a heart cabbage head up, and when it rained the seeds, the time was right to put them into the ground . Spring Mara is one of those days when the trees feel pain , so they can not be felled , cut or break . Bear , who Martinmas gone to sleep winter sleep , Mara day rises , so the people of that day to wake up before sunrise to bear returned and the man would not sleep sleepy throughout the year . In particular, the feast day of the apples - they are pušķotas with ribbons to apples grow well . Mara morning before sunrise to go wash in running water . It should be noted that many of the daily doings Mara in tune with the beliefs and ritual at Easter . Mara's Day at the Fire Festival . Fire and let it rest in the evening and no nededza , the first dinner in the sunlight , as it had already climbed high enough . Nededza fire to fields and meadows in summer catching on fire from the heat and be safe from fire disasters and thunder , as well as room for the summer would be a lot of flies and mosquitoes . Mara - it's Mother: Mother Earth , Wind Mother , Mother of Life . She is the life of Arbitration , life lished , the protector of womanhood . Mother , house, bread . Also, honor , virtue , purity . Mara is pretpuse God - if God is Father in heaven , the Mara is Mother Earth . Mara 's mother , as the material manifestation of God and the property represents all of God's creatures placed , it shall establish, maintain and store . Mara's terms of all things and events, what we see and feel in your neighborhood and nature . Birth and death , children and youth education, manners respect for all life - body and underwear receiving care for humans, animals, plants, plants and all creatures in nature and the divine . .

Days of Mara / Celebration traditions

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