Martin day / Celebration traditions
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Martin day / Celebration traditions

MārtiņiMārtiņdiena annually by 10 points. November, which is celebrated at the same time Apkūlībām , marks the end of autumn and beginning of winter . It was the last day, when the animals were placed adjacent to , just about this time ending laundry time , replacing a fun walking Budel . It is believed that Martin entered the oldest in Miesmieša who was autumn man - in his honor kāvuši pork meat and dried it . Martin is often mentioned together with Usini - Ūsiņš the spring sowing , the Martins autumn cuts . In addition, both the horse and bee guardians . According to Latvian folk beliefs Martins annually atjāj a horse back and look at the fields , but spend their Mārtiņbērni to view this location brings fertility and blessing of animals . Where other festivals they sacrificed a rooster , the Autumn Festival landlord brought it to a horse stable , there is killed , but the blood ietecināja horse feeding trough for horses to be healthy and strong . Similarly, other domestic animals sacrificed chicken . Slaughtered poultry cepuši , eaten and gone to bed at once , to stand up the next morning before sunrise . By Martins killed by other animals , and then down to drink pig 's funeral . According to the tradition of the building door lowing Incubus crosses , while the new subsidiary blue sap future . What to eat : this day on a table covered with a white tablecloth , it is a symbolic reference to the approaching winter . Table swirled with white candles and mārtiņrozēm . Martin's table were plentiful , mainly roasts , pies , bread , hemp, bark , roasted potatoes putraimdesām , curd , honey scones and sausages to feed the pigs well , balls or pītēm from beans , potatoes and cannabis stuffed in the mortar . Mandatory food did not stay in the middle of the goose, good for barley grow . Beliefs : If Martinmas geese walking through mud , then Easter on ice . If Martin's Day foggy , winter will be warm . Martinmas goose cull , the barley is good at . If Martin's day snow on the roof , there will be a long winter . If Martin's day Sarim trees will be much fruit garden . Folk festivals : Land rib , carts knocking noise , which the land rībināja ? Now came MārtiņdienaDeviņiem foals . .

Martin day / Celebration traditions

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