Michaelmas / Celebration traditions
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Michaelmas / Celebration traditions

MiķeļiMiķeļdiena , formerly known as the Apjumības or Jumis day - 29. September is the harvest festival - the morning of the elders kāvuši ram vārījuši it and then lost their last field mow cereal kušķīti in advance for this purpose was specifically left . Thus, the conclusion of any earthworks , allowing it to rest until spring . The only people who have been allowed to grow, the cabbage . It was considered that to date, all the cereals had put it under a roof , as Michael himself on a white horse renewal and verified that it was committed . Summer workers ended up working that day , but it was the last cattle herding cats , believing that either winter snow gates open . Since Michaelmas coincides with the autumn solstice period darkness since it derives its lead over the day and the late start time . Autumn Equinox celebration characterized by two different character doings - solstice celebration, which plays a key role Dievadēlam Mikelis and harvest celebration of the action with a Jumis . Jumis was an ancient fertility and blessings Media . Since the word . Wake up to nature, Jumis is watching over all works apiary , while the rye , he welcomes the corn fields of production and field fertility . In the past Jumis symbol sprauduši his cap , led wallets , as well as tangled bridal crown to the new couple good living at . Considered when Jumi finds a new mower , it will go to her husband if married - must be expected twins , but when the housekeeper - well throw in the towel animals . Jumis is also the last handful of grain in the field, the fields of grain and the god of the farm brings happiness and health . Of each grain , completed mow used nopīt crown and keep it throughout the year for the home would be a blessing . Michael Latvian folk songs, known as a good and rich husband , and father of bread . Similarly, Usine , Michael also takes care of the horses , although she worries about them occurs in autumn . In addition , this festival also counted on the last day of the year , when the young men were able to woo the girl and drinking purposes Bet . If at Michaelmas suitors were expected , those expectations had to be postponed to next year . One of these days the tradition with the help of different spells to frighten away the mice and rats that threatened the harvest stocks . What to eat : Michaelmas plated white or yellow tablecloth or unbleached linen tablecloth . Table decorated with grain sheaves of ears wreaths and rowan twigs . Mikel 's first day ended with a dinner at the fire box on the second day organized junkets were particularly rich harvest of due . Michaelmas on the table over and there was no shortage of wealth in just over harvesting . Bargain was slaughtered rooster, pig or ram Caras baked , boiled cabbage and beer brewed . The dinner was a special hostess cepusi Jumis bread , but the landlord beer malt grains taken from each of the faces of cereals . First, a loaf of bread over a chunk cut the master and mistress , the other family people . Beliefs : When Mikel has oak acorns , Christmas will be deeply . Mikel pigs slaughtered for meat right there . Rain Mikel says warm winter . Garments which begins a week before Michaelmas , and ends one week before the Martini . When the leaves fall off before Michaelmas , will be warm and early spring , when the - late and cold . Folk festivals : Mikel kāvuDeviņiemi rooster crest , To me it's a new gaduRudzus , barley raised . .

Michaelmas / Celebration traditions

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