Christmas Traditions / Celebration traditions
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Christmas Traditions / Celebration traditions

Christmas Eve subsidiary carries wood to the room where the logs in pairs, then get married soon , if odd , then no. Christmas morning to get up early for the whole year to get up early . If Christmas starry night sky , the next year will be a good harvest , while the cloudy sky promises not to produce . Christmas night to eat 9 times in a row , then next year will be rich . Christmas Eve draws with chalk on all doors crosses the demon go away . Christmas Eve run barefoot around the house three times to sore teeth . Christmas Eve poured a bowl of water, two drops instilled into tallow and stir . If the drops go in together , the couple married , if not, will decide . Christmas Eve need all the lamps to burn to Laimīte see where to walk . On Christmas Eve a quick stop operations for the good work carried out throughout the year . If before Christmas, a lot of snow before the summer solstice will be a lot more rain . In order not to lack of money ever , not all the Christmas money issue . Christmas night, strangers are not kept in the house . Christmas is a celebration of fertility , so Christmas Saturday, eat and drink until noon , there will be a fruitful summer . If the water before Christmas three times pārsalst be rich summer . Christmas Eve kept bread, salt and fire on the table, then next year will be a boon . When Christmas night to go to cross the road , then you can get to know everything that will happen next year . Christmas night at 12 water wells turning into wine . To have a lot of money, then Christmas Eve in Black Cat carry around the church . If Christmas is a snowstorm , next year will be a lot of honey . If many windows around Christmas frost , it will be a good fruit harvest . Pulled out of a pile of twigs . Where there are thick and straight , the groom will be stately and rich, if a small and crooked - Keist and poor . Under the containers stacked on the table bread , key rings , money , sand and let each take his own . Who pulls the bread - will be prosperous , key - will rule , the ring - get married , money - will become rich sand - everything will break down , and built on the sand . Christmas on a Saturday night should be imposed on the floor a piece of meat and bread, then put into a room the dog . What dog gets the first , this year it will be more expensive . Christmas green make white Easter . Christmas Eve table top stand on one leg and hold a beer in one hand , a handful of other linen , the flax growing tremendously . If Christmas week cockroaches crawl through litter , it will be summer badīga . Christmas night to go barefoot on the apple trees shiver , the next year there will be an apple Regiment . Christmas night to go to the barn to listen to the talking horse , then got to know the next thing . To find out how many more years of living , or in how many years will achieve what they want , then one has to take a glass of Christmas eve , jāizraunot its own hair from the scalp and hair FOLLOWED future spouses gold ring . The ring should be placed in a glass . After jānodomā what they want to know , keep the same ring as long as it goes to your glass edges . If Blows , then think filling in that same year, . Christmas when burning Christmas tree, be chosen for each of your candle , for which the first candle goes out , the first die or marry ( the pact ) . Whose daughter wants to get married on Christmas morning sweep the room, jāizber manure out of the stand and jāiesaucas : . Where the daughter sees in a dream Christmas night some guy served his shirt , then it will be her brūtgāns . If you see a guy like daughter , it will be his Brutus . .

Christmas Traditions / Celebration traditions

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