Latvian Freedom Fighters Memorial Day / Celebration traditions
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Latvian Freedom Fighters Memorial Day / Celebration traditions

Latvian Freedom Fighters Memorial dienaLatvijas Freedom Fighters Memorial Day notes 11. August , because on that day in 1920 . in Latvia and Soviet Russia signed a peace treaty . Armistice between Latvia and Soviet Russia was signed in 1920 . 1 year . February , although it was kept secret . Despite this minor battle and izlūkgājieni Russian border ran through the spring , although aware of Latvia - the rush to start the peace talks while also addressing the issue . Since April of that year they began in the Russian capital, Moscow , and later continued in Riga . The biggest controversy was exactly the Latvian - Russian border and certain Abrene . After all conflicts resolved , the two countries signed a peace treaty in Riga . Soviet Russia was the first country to recognize Latvian independence de jure , what it had to do . Consequently, the 11 . August concluded the freedom struggle , during which the Latvian Army lost 154 officers and 2,875 soldiers . Other hand, disappeared without a trace 29 of the Latvian army officers and 1,252 soldiers . As noted, each year 11 . August Latvian mentions all Latvian freedom battles , the largest cemetery in Riga , and the final resting places of battles and other Latvian hosts memorial meetings and flower-laying ceremony . .

Latvian Freedom Fighters Memorial Day / Celebration traditions

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