Peter's day / Celebration traditions
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Peter's day / Celebration traditions

PēterdienaPēterdienu celebrated immediately after the summer solstice - 24. in June, it's a day that points to a wall in timing , because Peter is in charge put hay meadows . Peter's day the last song is sung valentine . This event is also called website a day or Thunderbolt day on which the beliefs stated that this day should not throw a pile walls , or even were struck by thunder . Peter also , as in those days before the celebration of Midsummer is a new and jovial insight and cerēšanās time is the closure of betting , the ancient Latvians called engagement . What to eat : There are no specific foods that should be eaten immediately Peter's day , probably because to this day is still being eaten from Midsummer left over cheese cake and drank beer celebrate celebration concoct . Beliefs : If the cuckoo ceases kūkot around Peter will be warm autumn . If it rains on the day of Peter , Anna descends to date . If Peter rainy day , the whole wall will be rainy weather . If Peter's day onion skins they Vitis . If the sun is shining even as long as saddle horses, it will be a lot of fire . Folk festivals : Midsummer went plowing PēterosSev look , Midsummer When I did not get , then I will get PETERS . .

Peter's day / Celebration traditions

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