Shrovetide / Celebration traditions
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Shrovetide / Celebration traditions

When they celebrate ? . Shrovetide is also known as Carnival , Lastavāgu , Miesmeti , Miezmežu day and otherwise . Shrovetide is celebrated 7 weeks before Easter , when Catholics begin fasting . This year's Shrovetide celebration for the 13 . - 16 . February . Usually celebration begins on Saturday night , then the following Sunday is the day of Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday Monday . What Shrovetide mean? . Spring timing are important to magic , fertility -enhancing rituals to promote next year's crop better outcome . What brings to the table Shrovetide ? Shrove Tuesday never comes empty-handed . He is always up barley cakes , but very evocative village bribe the head of the pig or pig ears . Meteni receive hostess immediately kurdama hearth fire meal preparation . Shrove Tuesday evening the main event is Shrove Tuesday feast , which symbolically participate in the same Shrove Tuesday . Shrovetide Carnival supper dishes displayed a great variety of . fabricated not only pigs head, proboscis , pigs ears and feet, but also barley and hemp and slokātņus cakes ( cakes with filling ) and bake pies . In addition, a special Shrovetide dish is zīdenis or Gruden made ​​from dried pig head part, Savar with pearl barley and potatoes . With a rich meal can be prepared Shrovetide Carnival carefree welcome guests who come here from far and wide . Shrovetide long- running village is symbolic - it promotes good linen and animal surrendering next summer . How are these holidays celebrated ? Shrovetide visiting for several days from Shrovetide Carnival starts in the evening and come home only once . Typically villages driving has been arranged in advance , but Shrovetide guests arrive without calling ' , expecting good reception . Shrove Tuesday is a day of playful character . Meteni everyone is looking forward with pleasure . terminate the long , dark winter evening classes, people's thoughts switch to spring work . days become brighter and sunnier . In particular, excited about coming Shrovetide Carnival have children , and it gets their classes , cycling, sled . Like beliefs, as well as many popular songs says that Shrovetide came on the sled the hill , as it promotes the growth of flax . In mountain higher as faster journey as well as flax and fuller raženāki . Shrovetide Carnival rides the same evening performances by all the people back . Children flying in the hill , trying to outdo each other , and in tune with each other : . My father long flax, gold button Galin , ride a sled continues throughout the Shrovetide Carnival Days . To make this a fun lesson should not be interrupted by a meal in the yard , the dish can pick up . Shrove Tuesday evening affairs into the reception and Budel Budel walking on the other fences . Shrovetide is the last time Let's go Budel in Budēļi own winter activities . Shrove Tuesday after starting the spring and then Budel is stopped . Shrovetide celebration is terminated by the next day - Ash Wednesday - coming . Monday after Shrove Tuesday is Ash Wednesday , which in ancient time the census begins a new year . .

Shrovetide / Celebration traditions

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