Tips for Christmas / Celebration traditions
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Tips for Christmas / Celebration traditions

Together , cook a holiday meal. Also, children can participate in gingerbread baking or tart (for example , a child can help mash the dough ) . lv . Eurika . com / latvijassvetkutradicijas / recipes . html '> Recipes - > • Help celebrate the victory of light over darkness , and go play . • Mention the dough and let izpērciet Pledge ! Apdāviniet • Hold each other or gift lotteries and count the number of poems before receiving the gift . Hold a book of poetry books for those lazy , that verse is not learned . • Read some Christmas poems . Eurika . com / latvijassvetkutradicijas / apsveikumi_pantini / ziemassvetkuapsveikumi . html '> here - > • All svinētāji draw a picture for a common Christmas greeting . Eurika . com / latvijassvetkutradicijas / apsveikuma_kartinas / apsveikuma_kartinas . html '> cards -> . It does not matter that you think - I do not know how to draw ! . • Bind curled wishes for the new year ! . Each of its nodes posmiņā sieniet , thinking about what you want to achieve . How many nodes ? . • Drag the blocks ! . By doing so, reflect on all the bad deeds that occurred in previous years, or even in other . Then those with bad thoughts and mischief full blocks the fire burn . By the way, if the block is not something to be izlīdzēties log in ! • Izvāriet to fire up the mess or soup - which now tastes better . The key is to involve the whole family ! • Bake the pies wishes of happiness ! . • Play Shadow Theatre candlelight . Place a candle or a lamp so the light reflected on the wall near the light source, the palms of the hands and fingers display the different animals , birds , letters, Vaiko items . If space allows, you can play shadow theater full height . The surrounding guesses what you display on ! . lv registered expectant mother • . So every year jointly by writing her a letter - one where every single record Radiņš same sentiments . . lv registered nanny • . I definitely can all go play ! . lv registered expectant mother • . The smallest members of the family are always prepared even a whole cultural program - ballet , vocal and theatrical performances . . en a registered nanny . .

Tips for Christmas / Celebration traditions

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