Women's Day / Celebration traditions
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Women's Day / Celebration traditions

International Women's diena8. March , which now marked as International Women's Day was originally a women's apdāvināšanu had little commitment . This festive roots in 1908 . of 8 . March events in the United States in New York, where street demonstrations took approximately 15 000 women employed in the textile industry with the aim of achieving better working conditions and higher wages for their work . Shorter working day worker called because at that time they had to work up to 16 hours a day, but a higher salary because of the men working in the same industry it was a very much larger . Given that women in other parts of the world working conditions were similar , women's demonstrations, marches and fight for their rights turned out in other countries . 1910 . was a member of an established women's organizations met at the first joint congress in Copenhagen . Vi9ena of socialist -minded women leaders at that time was already a 53-year -old Clara Cvetkina from Germany , and to this day 8 . Or March International Women's Day is often commonly referred to as Clara heritage . That is she was the one who pointed out that women in European countries require a special day on which to fight for their rights . On the following day was chosen 8 . March - the date of the fair sex in the United States took its first demonstration . Russia 8 . March is one of the main national holiday in 1917 due to . the demonstration in Petrograd , which grew into a general uprising which led to the throne of the Czar was overthrown . Thus, these events 8 . March got a huge role in Russia's day of celebration in the list was celebrated in Latvia, while in the Soviet Union . Originally, the day was celebrated in 1917 . the events of Remembrance and only 20 . century 60 . years, it retreated , further praising the role of women in Soviet society . while the 1975 . year 8 . March as International Women's Day was declared the United Nations . As noted, the early Soviet era Latvian society rooted in a tradition that men in this day ladies welcome with flowers, champagne, chocolates and other food . While nowadays many memories of the Soviet era , the festival chooses nesvinēt . Mark this day or not - it remains an individual choice . .

Women's Day / Celebration traditions

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