Europe's Day / Celebration traditions
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Europe's Day / Celebration traditions

European Community dienaEiropas 9. May was declared Europe Day 1986 . The French foreign minister Robert Schuman 100 . birthday, thus honoring a politician to European merger . The first half of the last century, Europe suffered two wars , soon after the First World War, it was dragged into the Second World War , so it's no wonder that the countries of the region wished to build a relationship policies that prevent the outbreak of conflict in the future re- . Politicians realized that the relations between the countries continue to be based on common interests and goals , and no country should not stay out of this relationship , because otherwise it can become dangerous to the other , creating a threat to their security . In addition, along with plans to protect the security of each of the countries wanted as soon as possible to prevent damage to the war and its consequences , to restore the destroyed economy . It was another unifying factor that led European countries to cooperate in laying the foundation for economic cooperation between the countries . A large contribution to the cohesion of given directly Schuman argues that a large role in the reconstruction and the aftermath, survival will be directly German and French relations . It was he who was the one who Germany, France and other European countries proposed to make the coal and steel resources in one place , thus contributing to the economic growth of the region . Implementation of the Schuman Plan 1951 . The founding of the European Coal and Steel Community . while the 1957 . was created for the European Atomic Energy Community and the European Economic Community . Ten years later, these communities together with the executive of the European Coal and Steel Community was established in the European Community . A few years later - in 1972 . in Brussels , the signing of the agreement , it was decided that the European Community is admitted to the United Kingdom, Ireland, Denmark and Norway . However, given that the majority of Norwegian had voted against joining the European Community , Norway remained outside the . 1981 . Greece joined the Community , but five years later - in Spain and Portugal . 1991 . December in the Netherlands, in Maastricht , the European Community became the European Union, thus further strengthening the relationship between the national . 1995 . joined the European Union , Finland , Sweden and Austria . The fifth enlargement - 2004 . year joined the European Union in Latvia , Lithuania, Estonia , Malta , Poland , Czech Republic , Slovakia, Slovenia , Hungary and Cyprus . As noted, this day Latvian capital city parks and city squares held various events and concerts devoted to the topic of the European Union , as well as to commemorate the Latvian accession to the Union . A variety of themed activities throughout the week , which has been called the week , usually organized by the Latvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in collaboration with the European Commission Representation in Latvian , European Parliament Information Office and other European Union Member States' Embassies Latvian . .

Europe's Day / Celebration traditions

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