Wedding / Celebration traditions
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Wedding / Celebration traditions

KāzasKāzu process , preparing them with a very long tradition , which over time have changed several times , until the development of the Matrimonial understand today. While the marriage ceremony in church Latvian territory held since 16 . century . In the past, getting married was held on Tuesdays or Thursdays , lasting three days . In the past, were not allowed to marry Sunday for such an even application of penalties . Selection of brides over the years have changed several times - it is essentially a bride stealing , and later , when the customary tried to uproot , bridal purchase, but by the bride and performance contracting saderēšana but nowadays u0026 ndash . The oldest forms of marriage were the bride stealing , when a young man secretly watched the intended girl , it was captured and forcibly brought to his home . If the stolen bride was taken far away , and none of the relatives did not manage to catch the thieves , used to be the case that she again meets its nationals only after many years . By the time the theft was replaced bridal purchase, the bridegroom for their intended parents paying the money for education and dowry and labor income . In later years, these habits are changing , and theft , as well as the redemption of the remaining wedding rituals in order, but not generally the young woman pathways . An ancient wedding tradition of predicted that after the suit followed the bride's consent , her home place bets , during which the two exchanged rings contemplated , reaching across the table . In addition, the covenant sign of the groom gave the money to the intended . Often the bride after betting traveled to the groom to live in his home until the wedding . Weddings held at the commonest fall when rendered all field work as well as they have been harvested to the marriage supper will not lack neither edible nor potable . To this day, the wedding time is summer and early autumn , when most young married couples . According to ancient custom, the bride's wedding started with the issue of trucks, after and between them and the bride's folks been witty chaffing and medium sized village bribe are found to be good . On the second day the bride looking for trucks and encourages him to get dressed, to bring the bride home . Followed by leveling or marriage rite by the family elder , the young couple mijot rings but all the wedding participants chanting young couple . Burns four or six candles, the great handler gives the bride in half crush bread truck but the young couple prefer beer cans . Following dinner, but after dancing and a new pair of husband and wife's admission round . During this dance the bride bids farewell to panāksnieku sisters and daughters , as well as panāksnieku guys , while the groom - from trucks daughters . Then the new man removes his crown and the planned vedējmāte it is wrapped around the head of his wife's head would allow , but the new man 's head under his hat . After the dance the young couple will treat guests with cheese, bread , the bride brought with her from home and also beers . Then all the floor at the table and eat a feast . Traditionally, the bride's wedding in ancient relatives come later , sometimes even in the morning or late at night , in addition, the new bride groom's relatives tried to hide from them . Supper time a young couple sitting in the corner or the bride's end of the table . Supper time is chaffing during which sing new husband , wife, transporters , brides brothers and sisters , mothers, brothers, husband , sister . The second morning of the wedding , the young couple to wake up , the new wife is expected Brunch , followed by the bride's crown dancināšana , placing a wreath at the end of my sister , her husband's sister or girlfriend . After being bestowed gifts - the first man's mother ( woolen shawl ) , second husband 's father (white shirt or socks ), then the best man ( shirt , gloves, belt , socks ) vedējmātei ( woolen shawl ) . The other guests are gifted . Similarly, the second day of her husband's mother with a young daughter go around all the places where the new mistress every day will take home, caring for anywhere placing donation - usually a garter . Donation march ended at the family hearth , where a new wife kindling fire . Considered if it is burning frame, the young couple will live in peace if sprēgādama - arguing . This is followed by afternoon tea on table setting tablecloth on dowry . The third wedding day young wife with her husband and brothers apstaigājusi new farm , which later in life , everything is to pārliecinādamās or husband previously recounted version . It is a new sneak in clearing , where the young couple 's field dress , but lidumnieki fed with sour cabbage concoctions . This dish has testified for a festive conclusion and served as a sign that guests go home . Therefore, the process of preparation of concoctions were all kinds of disruption , or the same pot with catering hidden if guests did not want to end the party and break up a home . Before the farewell guests still owed spending money on eating and drinking, a large bowl throwing money or giving other things . Wedding final conclusion is atvāršas or atkāzas that are celebrated at home bride's mother on the following Sunday after the wedding . What to eat : The Latvians wedding breakfast table led Caras rye flour , cakes , honey, cream, butter , porridge , sausages , smoked meat , and beer brannvin . Lunch was a soup with boiled beef or chicken as well as baked beef and geese . Ate a snack and dinner . Beliefs : Gross not sew clothes for yourself brutes - then living in miserable . If Brutus , wedding clothes sewing , thread mezglojas , the wife will be happy . When Brutus comes from a church home, then put candles on the table to have a full farm . If the wedding day the bride veil torn - will be unhappy life . If the wedding day Brutus is fun - the life she would cry , if Brutus is sad - life will go well . Folk festivals : Eita , guys , look , for dzeltēja bog birch , bog birch If dzeltēja , Weather daughter woo . .

Wedding / Celebration traditions

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